People of the…eh, you've heard it before.

Some compelling Jewish titles to be published in 2006:

  • Barney Ross by Douglas Century (February 7, 2006)
  • The Jews Of Lebanon: Between Coexistence And Conflict by Kirsten E. Schulze (March 30, 2006)
  • The Entre Rios Trilogy: Three Novels (Jewish Latin America series) by Perla Suez, Ilan Stavans(ed.), Rhonda Dahl Buchanan (Trans.) (March 16, 2006)
  • Soviet And Kosher: Jewish Popular Culture in the Soviet Union, 1923-1939 by Anna Shternshis (April 7, 2006)
  • The Price of Whiteness : Jews, Race, and American Identity by Eric L. Goldstein (January 27, 2006)
  • A Wall of Light by Edeet Ravel (January 31, 2006)
  • Reckless Rites : Purim and the Legacy of Jewish Violence by Elliott Horowitz (March 10, 2006)
  • The Arab Jews: A Postcolonial Reading of Nationalism, Religion, And Ethnicity by Yehouda Shenhav (May 3, 2006)
  • Outsider in the Promised Land : An Iraqi Jew in Israel
    by Nissim Rejwan (August 1, 2006)

5 thoughts on “People of the…eh, you've heard it before.

  1. They all look interesting … was looking for a common thread, but couldn,t find one. Are these all books from a particular publisher’s catalogue, or somethjing? (If so which publisher.)

  2. These books do all look interesting. Looking at the book titled The Price of Whiteness, I was reminded of an older book called How Jews Became White Folks and What That Says About Race in America. Sorry, I don’t remember the author.
    I don’t agree with everything he says, but Michael Lerner’s new book The Left Hand of G-d is coming out in early February.

  3. hey, no common thread of theme, just new works of scholarship, translation and fiction I think ya’ll should know about.

  4. I forgot to mention that the 3rd volume of Daniel C. Matt’s tranlation of the Zohar, Stanford University Press, will be out this month.

  5. Even this old, darkwater gentile knows that enough can not be written about the Nazi inferno that scorched the earth in human ash. If Spielberg ever sees my book about Ameia Earhart in some store (Amelia’s Voice) he’ll find a short story relating to Auschwitz inside; a time travel book is what my novel is–and it throws the protagonist into a mistaken journey–it’s horrific!

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