Tonight's Debbie Friedman setlist

Tonight’s Debbie Friedman setlist, in the style of Phish setlists:
Saturday, January 14, 2006
Limmud NY, Kutsher’s, Monticello NY
Devorah’s Song, Save a Life, Mi Shebeirach > Those Who Sow in Tears, V’Im Ruchi Geviyati, Lechi Lach* > Tzadik Katamar **, Hava Nashira*** > Kol Haneshama^
Encore: Salaam^^, Miriam’s Song
* with Danny Maseng
** w/ Danny Maseng, Lewandowski cover
*** w/ Danny Maseng, Haydn cover
^ w/ Danny Maseng, cover (author unknown)
^^ w/ Danny Maseng, Sheva cover
Notes: Debbie Friedman’s favorite chord is A7sus.

3 thoughts on “Tonight's Debbie Friedman setlist

  1. You should have seen the glowstick war during Devorah’s Song!
    On a serious note, and on the subject of glowsticks, DF decided after a song or two to get down off the stage and stand at the same level as the audience, reminiscent of the “Harry Hood” encore on the 1st day of Coventry. Unlike the encore at Coventry, she brought the vocal mic with her.

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