Peres, Olmert, Hangebi grant cult, “Swept Away” legitimacy

A cult, a pop singer, a director (I’ll never forgive you for Swept Away) and a fashion designer are going to do what Richard Gere and Chris Noth couldn’t. They are going to bring peace to the Middle East. Because all it takes is to get the children together and say “STOP, we’ve had enough, now it is OUR turn to be HEARD!”

From the Kabbalah Center:

September 19, 2004 will be an historic day for peace and unity. For the first time in history Palestinian and Israeli children, who have spent years separated by hate, prejudice, and fear, are coming together in Israel to say, “STOP, we’ve had enough, now it is OUR turn to be HEARD!”

These children are emerging from the darkness and embracing the light of peace in an event hosted by Spirituality For Kids, a not-for-profit program supported by Michael Berg, Kabbalist scholar and the author of Becoming Like God. In a region devastated by years of war and extreme prejudice the Spirituality For Kids Israel event will mark the beginning of a peace movement that will show children and adults around the world that the road towards peace begins with embracing your voice and others with compassion, respect, and acceptance.

Joining Michael Berg for this monumental event will include political and social leaders: Shimon Peres, Silvan Shalom, Sachi Hanegbi, and Eaud Olmart as well as high-profile celebrities such as Madonna, Guy Ritchie, and Donna Karen and many others. Hosted by Dan Shilon, the evening will include speeches from Madonna; Elies Jabol, a Christian Arab who is the head of House and Hope and peace agreement leader in the Middle East; Shiek Manasra, a Soufe Sheik and Sheik Abulrocan, a Drues Sheik.

First of all, shame on all the Israeli politicians who are granting this cult legitimacy by participating in this event.

Secondly, I understand that Ehud Olmert’s and Tzachi Hanegbi’s names might be a bit difficult to spell, but they could have at least spelled Donna Karan’s name correctly. Great spelling on Druze and Sufi as well.

You would think with all the gelt that Madonna puts in to this place they could afford a decent PR company…

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