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Pick a religion. Pick every religion.

200plus.jpgWell, summer time is here, and that means the missionaries are scouring the subways for Jewish souls to convert with the same urgency you search for a little plastic bag with some white stuff to help you stay up all night on Shavout.
But what the frummies don’t realize is that we are in a two front war.  
I was looking at, and I have to say, they make a powerful case with from compelling sources that the True Jew is, in fact, a Muslim.  Even King David said so.  We know that King David recognized Mohammad as the Messiah.  How do we know this?  Because Jesus said so! 

Since Jesus Christ admits that he himself was not the “Lord” of David nor that the Messiah was to descend from David, there remains none other than Prophet Muhammad among the Prophets to be the Adon or Lord of David.

This organization asks the tough questions, and is not afraid to have someone else give the answer.  For instance, did Mohammad kill 600 or 900 Jews in Medina? 
No.  The Zionists are lying (for a change).  Plenty of other people killed Jews in such numbers, but no.  It couldn’t have happened like that.  And anyway, the Jews were asking for it.
Is the Qur’an “antisemitic?” Well, not as bad as the Jewish bible. 
Is Islam only for Jews?
No.  This is a common misconception, but Islam is inclusive.  Islam is for Jews AND gentiles.
Why should we believe the Qur’an over the Torah?
Because Mohammad was a direct descendant of Abraham.  This obviously contradicts the Torah’s prediction that God would make Ishmael “a great nation.”
Are other Jews becoming Muslim?
Yes. The Jewish community is hemorrhaging converts to Islam. Especially American Jewish women.  Jews for Allah know many.  To be exact, they know four.
Like Rachel Singer.  She is Jewish, and the “daughter of a devout Roman Catholic mother/very devout Jewish father.”
Or take Maryam Jameelah.  She was pretty darned “strongly identified,” but her perception of a lack of sincere religiosity in her Reform temple upset both her and her sister, so her family took the obvious next step, and joined a Conservative synagogue the Ethical Culture Movement.
All the Jews she knows (and they are all Yiddish fluent!) hate being Jewish.  That’s why they are Chassidic or eat at kosher delicatessens.  Because really, they want to be Muslim. 
But they are afraid.  Afraid of “the persecution.” But fortunately, at least Jameelah herself feels she has found peace in a religion less annoyingly focused on life like in Judaism, and more on death.
But how do we know that Islam is really the true faith for Jews?
Because Jesus was a Jew for Allah.   And nothing can be more Jewish than, “Accepting the Messiah Jesus (Yeshua) – without the Christian theology.”  

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