Plagues of Passover Contest Winners

1st Prize – Becki Kasoff

  1. Plague of the dreaded assigned seats.
  2. Plague of the drunken children, who drank the parents wine.
  3. Plague of the garlic mashed potatoes made with Coffee Mate Hazelnut cream.

Becki wins two free tickets to see When Do We Eat!
2nd Prize – Tamar Abigador

  1. My dad telling sex jokes at the table.
  2. My grandmother telling sex jokes at the table.
  3. The uncle who only discusses things he knows we are all going to end up yelling about.

Tamar wins an autographed When Do We Eat poster plus a When Do We Eat stressball.
1st Runner Up – Lisa Snow

  1. Matzo Balls as big as softballs and hard as rocks
  2. My father will start sweating into his soup and say “why do you have to boil the soup”
  3. Who ever finds the hidden Afikoman is the winner, the rest of the kids cry hysterically so we have to hide 4 to 6 pieces of matzoh to make everyone happy

Lisa, and 12 other contestants will also be receiving When Do We Eat stressballs.

One thought on “Plagues of Passover Contest Winners

  1. Thanks Mobius! We had a great seder this year, and we DID still have assigned seats. We no longer have possibly drunk children as they are now teens. But it was funny the year after they drank our wine, we put out non-alcholic wine…after they finished half a bottle they started acting drunk! The parents were rolling on the floor. We all knew it was fake wine, but they didn’t.

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