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The Al Qaeda Myth

Tom Porteous writes,

We now know that Al Qaeda had nothing to do with the London bombings in July 2005. This is the conclusion of the British government’s official inquiry report leaked to the British press on April 9.
We now also know that the U.S. military is deliberately misleading Iraqis, Americans and the rest of the world about the extent of Al Qaeda’s involvement in the Iraqi insurgency. This was reported in The Washington Post on April 10, on the basis of internal military documents seen by that newspaper.
What do these revelations tell us about the arguments of President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Blair that in Al Qaeda the “Free World” faces a threat comparable to that of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, a world-wide terrorist network which seeks to build a radical Islamist empire over half the world?
That they are threadbare, to say the least. But also that they are cynical, misleading and self serving.

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2 thoughts on “The Al Qaeda Myth

  1. What it means is that Al-Qaeda is not hte only terror group and militant Islam is a threat. Militant Islam (Islamism/Islamofascism, which let me point out, Daniel Pipes and others point out is NOT the same as Islam), including ALL of these fundamentalist groups and not just Al-Queda

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