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Plant trees, ogle breasts, plant trees.

It looks like JNF has reversed course. Kudos to them for admitting a mistake.

From: Anita Jacobs
Date: Sep 17, 2007 8:26 AM
Subject: JNF will remove playboy auction item
To: Anita Jacobs
Thank you for your concern regarding the auction of more than 100
items including the Playboy Mansion golf tournament item at a local
New York JNF event.
JNF more often than not gets things right, but of course sometimes we
don’t. Clearly this is a case of poor judgment.
The item in question was donated by local New York lay leaders who
were only trying to help raise money. If JNF could reverse its course
we would, but since we can’t, we apologize for accepting the donation
and have removed the item from the list.
Wishing you a Shana Tova.
Jewish National Fund

2 thoughts on “Plant trees, ogle breasts, plant trees.

  1. They only “admitted” their mistake in the face of overwhelming condemnation. Ms. Jacobs was previously reported as making comments to the effect of “This is America,” “People won’t bid on it if they don’t want it.” She’s lucky she still has her job.

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