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Yeah, I'm a pusher…

But I got the goods right here!
The National Havurah Committee just began soliciting submissions for courses for next year’s Summer Institute. Because the info isn’t yet on their website, I’ll give you the abbreviated sneak peak version here. Institute 2008 will be August 11-17 at Franklin Pierce College in Rindge, NH. Proposals are due Nobember 26, 2007, and you get to go to Institute for free (excluding $36 membership dues) as appreciation for your teaching dedication. Quoting the course committee’s materials:

The theme for the 2008 Institute is *Baruch she-amar v’hayah ha-olam* Blessed is the One who spoke the world into being (or, as ArtScroll translates it: Blessed is the one who spoke, and the world came into being). The Institute planning committee notes that this phrase resonates with our overall interest in turning speech into action and learning into doing, connecting torah with social and environmental justice. It resonates with creation themes, both ecologically and metaphorically, and opens the door to courses about worlds we create with our words. While we invite proposals for courses that speak to or draw upon the theme, we welcome proposals in all topics relevant to our community. Every proposal receives full consideration.

Include course title and 75-100 word blurb, lesson plan, bio/CV. For more info and details on submissions, write to courses at Havurah.org or call the NHC office at 215-248-1335.

2 thoughts on “Yeah, I'm a pusher…

  1. Word! I highly recommend this — I’ve taught courses at the NHC Summer Institute twice, and it’s been among my best teaching experiences ever. (You never have to worry that the students won’t have anything to say.)
    Should I apply to teach something this time?

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