8 thoughts on “Please Cher (ha) this last video by SchlepLabs

  1. Am I missing a reference or did Kathy Griffin criticize Republicans by saying, “They are basically acting like a bunch of gypsies, tramps, and thieves?” It’s at the 1:30 mark. It’s one thing to say “gyped” without knowing the origin of the word, but to put “gypsy,” and for, that matter “tramp,” in the same category as “thieves” is offensive. I replayed that part to see if there was supposed to be some irony or intentional edginess, but it’s lost on me.
    Does this video really belong on this site?

  2. ok, now I feel a bit stupid. Next time I’ll remember to google or at least think before midnight commenting, particularly of a song I’ve heard before.

  3. Now that you put this here, why don’t you put up a commercial for the republicans or are you showing your prejudice?

  4. Obama 2012! Although Jewschool doesn’t make such endorsements and I’m not speaking for the editorial board.
    Although regular newspapers do that sort of thing and I’ve often wondered if we would do so if it interested us. Thoughts, hevre?

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