Please, please make it stop!

As if 2 Live Jews and 50 Shekel didn’t serve to reinforce enough negative stereotypes about Jews through inane rap parodies, ladies and gentlemen I present to you The Ju Tang Clan. Much like their forebears, The Ju Tang Clan’s gimmick is to rely on a tenuous identification with certain representative symbols of Jewish culture and religion in a pathetically unclever attempt to parody popular rap songs with whiny voices and painfully off-beat deliveries.

Apparently the Clan has some sort of laughable beef with ole’ 50 Shekel as well, as they’ve written and recorded this diss record aimed directly at the “In Da Shul” songster. Check out the brilliant lyrics here.

26 thoughts on “Please, please make it stop!

  1. ugh. just dreadful. any what’s with the 2 guys in the back of that ghetto-ass car (and what’s with the car?)? Is the little one the big one’s bitch? The look of consternation on his face night stem from what’s in back of him….

  2. I like the line “we’re gonna blow up the Arab tanks” in the song “Wild West Bank.”
    uh, last time i checked they didn’t have any tanks, guys.

  3. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa ha ha ha.
    I hate 50 shekel but these Ju-Tang clan guys suck so hard that they’re funny. Thanks for the laugh!

  4. These guys are hateful, perverse bastards! Jewish rap should not be like gangster rap. It oughta be uplifting, catchy, and have some fun humour. 50 Shekel is great compared to these losers.

  5. They’re lyrics, while full of trash talk and gross stereotypes, are still pretty good. And while their beats are 90% stolen (or sampled, depending on your perspective), they still are able to flow.
    And I have my girl grinding to Shtetl Superstar, before we both broke down laughing.

  6. OK, I just read the lyrics to Schindler’s Fist , but aren’t they just telling the truth of what we all think of 50 Shekekl (which by the way, he has now called himself just Shekel).
    Here are the facts which I think nwe can all agree on with 50 Shekel. The difference is that the Ju Tang Clan guys are just cashing in as well and having a bitch about him…
    I don’t think any of the below is not true.
    “your voice sounds like you eat carrots and crap
    you’re a bad jewish parody of jewish parody rap”
    “you only have one song, and they put you in rolling stone?
    what the fuck? i’m walking home.”
    “If you only had one shot, or one chance, to steal publicity from a talentless Israeli whose former career highlights include production assistant for ABC’s T.G.I.F. and who is currently pretending to be the height of jewish parody rap… would you take it? or would you invite him to your basement to mock him relentlessly while he sucks hard sadness out of god’s boner to orgasm while jamming out to the new Elliot Smith joint?”

  7. Alright. I don’t have time to respond to each of you in turn, but I’ll try to get to the main points.
    First of all, anyone trying to say that we “can’t rap on beat” and then sucking 50 shekel’s shmekel needs to have their ears checked.
    As far as us being “hateful and perverse”, it’s only one of those. You can pick whichever one you like better.
    I think my favorite is the guy who said that we’re “cashing in”. HOW IN THE HELL ARE WE DOING THAT? Because if you have some money that should be going to the Ju-Tang Clan, i sure as hell haven’t seen it. Why does anyone think that we did this for money? We’ve been together almost a decade at this point and money hasn’t really entered the picture, ever. That’s not what we’re thinking about. If we wanted to make money off of music, maybe we wouldn’t have started a PARODY JEWISH RAP GROUP. Some people would hear those words and translate them as “FINANCIAL SUICIDE”.
    And lastly, of COURSE we’re not gangstas. When did we ever claim that? How does hanging out in my ’93 honda accord making homoerotic expressions make us gangstas? As far as the guy who said “send them to bensonhurst”, though, we’ve rapped on the corner of 125th & Lenox in Harlem and gotten nothing but love. We’ll go anywhere and play for anyone as long as we can get there.
    Point is, we do this because it’s funny. Lots of other people seem to think it’s funny as well. If you don’t think it’s funny, that’s fine, but these preconceived notions about who we are and what we’re about are bizarre.
    Also, our penises are HUGE, some would say mammothian in size,

  8. Alright ODR, after reading your fiery response, I’ve got more respect for you and your boys. I just think instead of ripping on Shekel, a guy delivering a message on unity and peace, you should be slinging your rhyme laced arrows of rap at social injustice, and other shit keeping the Jew-man down.
    And don’t make me choose; You guys are both hateful AND perverse.
    Much love,
    – Canuck_Jew

  9. The guy on the left is me. And I guess I look like Ben Affleck, if Ben Affleck is a hairy, meaty and/or lumpy man. You may also remember me from such films as Gigli. (I was his stunt ass.)
    As far as slinging rap at social injustice, I think we do, in our own way. But we’re not really on anyone’s side except our own. We’re not really trying to “make a difference”, we’re trying to make people smile, laugh, become enraged, whatever.
    We’re not trying to take 50 Shekel – I guess i have to start calling him Shekel now – we’re not trying to take him down because of his message. We dissed him because he stepped on our turf (jewish parody rap), claimed it was his idea and that no one was doing it like him (ever heard of 2 Live Jews?) and basically overshadowed us overnight. And we dissed him because he’s just a terrible, awful, unforgiveably bad rapper. And that’s what rappers do when they don’t like other rappers.
    also, a penis that short needs to have attention drawn to it,

  10. Heh. You guys rock. You’re totally right – the tradition of outing suckah MCs is old and well established in rap music. It’s the nature of the beast. I gotta get you guys a gig in Montreal, despite the fact that, while you rap ok and all, you sound like a bunch of Jewish white boys. With impossibly huge shlongs. Send me an email – I’ll get you a gig.

  11. Personally, I find the Ju Tang Clan to be hilarious. This isn’t a professional rap group…it’s a PARODY rap group, so of course they’re gonna sound like white boys, and of course they’re going to steal tunes, and of course they’re going to diss rappers that deserve to be dissed. Isn’t that the point? It’s supposed to be funny and entertaining. If you want to listen to professional rap, listen to Eminem or the Israeli rapper Subliminal.

  12. I think the real problem here is that Jews who are flat-out COMPLETELY uninititated to
    a) rap music
    b) parody
    c) parody music
    d) parody rap music
    e) youth
    f) sarcasm and irony
    g) structured thought
    are not prepared to accept honesty, critical thinking, parody, sarcasm, self-deprecating humor, reality, and more, and yet arrive at the Ju-Tang clan prepubescent in the sex scene of real life and are SHOCKED at what they find.
    If you genuinely like Shekel, you probably like Raffi and Yanni and Celine Dion [no offense canuck_jew,] and all the other candy-pop tripe that exists only to take inane minds off their inane thoughts for a minute. Which is fine. But don’t take offense when other people bring real thoughts to the table without first trimming off all the nasty bits that give you ghost pains in your foreskin nub.
    “… what kind of jew-run media IS this?!”

  13. I think the real question here is what is going on in the back seat. I mean sure they can spit rhyme flows, but just because they are representing gangsta rap doesn’t mean they have to reenact prison shower scenes to show how hard core they are. the JTC need to leave the sissy’s alone. Also I don’t think it is appropriate to sport gang colors(the crips) on a youth oriented website. You guys have an amazing gift and should use it to mesmerize gentiles!

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