Poll: 75% of American Jews Will Vote For Kerry

Ha’aretz reports,

A poll conducted in the U.S. for the National Jewish Democratic Council shows that Republican Party expectations of a shift in Jewish voting patterns away from the Democratic Party are very misplaced.

The poll, which was released Monday, has 75 percent of American Jewry set to vote for Senator John Kerry (D-Mass)and only 22 percent for U.S. President George W. Bush in the November presidential elections.


11 thoughts on “Poll: 75% of American Jews Will Vote For Kerry

  1. That figure really surprises me.
    My husband and I have given up talking politics with most of our Jewish friends and neighbors because they are largely and unwaveringly pro-Bush.
    They claim a vote for Kerry is a vote against Israel and they are willing to vote on only one issue if they have to.
    Please post some articles on Kerry’s view on Israel if you can find any, I need some backup here!

  2. hey mobius “nazism = zionism”, i thought you were too busy with the local chapter of the noam chomsky fan club planning your next american flag burning ritual to post responses. guess the left, like rust, never sleeps.

  3. Shifra has given up talking politics with people who are “unwaveringly” pro-Bush. Yet she requests articles re Kerry’s views on Israel. Apparently, she’s pro-Kerry despite lacking even basic information about this important subject. And she accuses others of being “unwavering? Amazing.

  4. I don’t think I’m so much unwavering as I am in need information on this PARTICULAR subject.
    If upon reading this material I should find Kerry’s stance on Israel unacceptable of course it would influence my decision – today is not election day is it?
    HOWEVER, as I have said before, Israel is not my ONLY issue although it is an important one.
    I do live in the US and as such I HAVE to care about what is going on HERE.
    I think you are “amazing” too J 😉

  5. I read that the percentage of Jews who voted for Democrats in the last presidential election was in the mid 80s, not the 90s. Jews used to vote for Democrats in the mid 90s but there has been a 10% shift in the past two decades. The only ethnic/relgious/etc. group that still votes in the high 90s for Democrats is African Americans.

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