4 thoughts on “Poll: More People Believe Jews Killed Jesus

  1. I hate the concept of “Jews killed Jesus”. I mean, it holds the entire Jewish community responsible for something only a few did.
    Wouldn’t it be better to say, “Some people who were Jewish killed Jesus.”
    And then who cares if they did. According to christian doctrine, Jesus had to die for all our sins. This means that his death was necessary and the Jews were doing God’s work. So where’s the problem?

  2. Besides, Jesus was born a Jew too (even if he did convert), so they were only taking out one of their own.

  3. It’s true. jews did kill jesus. but there are things to remember. first jesus was a jew. he never converted like mentioned by Bradley. Second it was Jesus’ own fault. He came into jerusalm to fight everything the temple stood for. He fought for the poor, the prostitutes, tax collectors, sick, etc. in the bible jesus says that he knows he’s going to die and considering the circumstances i would know i would die too. He came in looking to defy the people in power(priests of the temple) and he got what he knew what he was going to get for it. On a simular note i find it funny that the Muslims are in the same position jews were in 2000 years ago. Nothing has changed in all that time. Everything going on today in israel is the same crap old crap except roles are reversed. The jews are now the “western” occupiers on Muslim land rather than Roman’s being on Jewish land. The Jews back then and the arabs today have reacted to the occupation in the exact same way.

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