Pot Prohibition Result of US-Nazi Interests?

So the majority of US seniors want medical pot legalized. I wonder if they know anything about this business:

This publication […] reveals documented historical evidence that the suppression of the hemp industry was only one key part of a much larger conspiracy in the 1930s, not only by [William Randolph Hearst, Andrew Mellon, and DuPont], but by many others, as well.

Congressional records, FBI reports and investigations by the Justice Department, during the 1930s and 1940s, have already documented evidence of this wider plot. A list of the corporations named include Du Pont, Standard Oil, and General Motors, all of which were proven to be conspiring with Nazi industrial cartels to eliminate competition world-wide and divide among themselves the Earth’s industrial resources and commercial markets, for profitable exploitation.

It’s pretty out there, yeah, but not all together unbelievable if you take into account, for example, that Bush’s grandaddy was in business with the Nazis, or that Fanta was created by Coca-Cola so that they could keep doing business in Nazi Germany. Unfortunately, people always run their valid arguments into the ground when they whip out terms like “New World Order,” as the author does in this piece. The facts and the research are pretty thorough, though. Too bad no one has the balls to do anything about it. I guess other than George Soros.

14 thoughts on “Pot Prohibition Result of US-Nazi Interests?

  1. for the heck of it, clilcked the site: some nutcase, listing no background or credentials, has the whole crackpot theory listed by mobius. why does mobius list this kind of craziness?

  2. If someone posted a link to some wildly antisemitic conspiracy site, we would quickly recognize the utter lack of scholarship and connection. Just because the conspiracy connects with your worldview, Mobius, doesn’t mean that it has any credence. You do little good to your more mainstream leftist viewpoints, which are part of a valid and healthy Jewish and political conversation, when you lose your head in conspiracies.

  3. let’s see: i said it’s pretty out there … mostly unbelievable (tho not entirely unbelievable) … and that the guy runs his argument into the ground by being such a stooge whipping out phrases like “new world order.” not to mention the title is followed by a question mark.
    in the meantime, look at all your comments about how i’m a whackjob because i posted a link to some far out shit. you people are entirely humorless.

  4. I hope you mean it when u posted this entirely out of jest, I mean we know your leftist to begin with, sometimes with an interesting counterpoint, but It also seems to me, that all you socialist/marxist/extreme leftists/anti establishment/anti corporate people want to believe these type of conspiracy articles just a little to much!!

  5. Mobius,
    It’s unfair to accuse us of being humorless or clueless. Those of us who “attend” your blog regularly (as well as OA, sometimes) have seen a decent number of postings in which you display a surprising level of conspiratorial thinking. Your posts on the government, the Bushes, corporations, etc. often go one step beyond intelligent criticism. As an observant Jew who considers myself a liberal, I cringe at such murky paranoia from the left as much as I do at the kneejerk, parroting of right-wing views from Avi Green and others. Sure, you may not take the guy seriously. As you point out, using terms like “New World Order” doesn’t make one seem level-headed. Neither, though, do constant reminders about Bush’s grandfather or rehashing urban myths about Fanta. (Yes, urban myth…the truth about Fanta is, in fact, available http://tinylink.com/?EVWAh6n0Dp )
    My point is, you provide a service, in a sense, by struggling with issues left and right, religious and secular, and providing a forum for that discussion. Don’t make a mockery of it by posting conspiracy theories. Even if you believe them.

  6. My apologies, Avi. It is my own kneejerk reaction to assume that anyone who never seems to see nuance in a situation is parroting someone else’s views without thought.

  7. i must claim responsibility for lack of nuance, inability to see grey, stolidness and pigheadedness (and sometime houmourlessness). you know how we red-state people are

  8. While getting my clothing & textile design degree we covered this. The main cause of the banning of hemp (in all forms) was the result of the cotton growers lobby. Hemp was cotton’s main competition, it’s cheaper and easier to grow and causes much less damage to the environment.

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