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Prager: Jesus Hates Terror, Hippies

Those of you with a strong enough stomach for the comment threads (they’ve gotten better, promise!) may remember a while back an allegation on my part that Dennis Prager is covertly a Christian out to lead the Jews to Rapture.
More evidence for my conspiracy theory: In his latest column, Prager lectures Senator John Edwards — nay, all Christian pacifists — on the teachings of Jesus.
After marching a rather lame strawman down the proverbial Via Dolorosa, with nails hinging off his teeth, Prager boldly proclaims “Jesus was no pacifist, you goddamned terrorist-hugging hippie!”
The only problem with my conspiracy theory? Prager evidences such a complete ignorance of Christianity you’d think he learned everything he knows about Christianity from watching the 700 Club. I’d be surprised if he didn’t offend his Christian readers by fabricating such a childish caricature of their faith.
Then again, Prager may in fact be emblematic of most American Christians, who — data shows — happen to know not of that which they speak.
Next week Prager will instruct the Dalai Lama in the teachings of the Dhammapada, revealing the hidden path to nirvana: Nuclear annihilation. I can hardly wait…

8 thoughts on “Prager: Jesus Hates Terror, Hippies

  1. Prager is right. Jesus was NOT a pacifist. He was one of the tens of thousands of Jewish Zealots who resisted the Roman occupation of Judea by any means necessary. The Romans considered him and his followers to be terrorists. The pacifist theology as proclaimed in the gospels came later.

  2. “I may attack a certain point of view which I consider false, but I will never attack Dennis Prager who preaches it.” Amen

  3. but, Edward’s never said Jesus was a pacifist, so the whole argument is just a strawman of lefty christians, and Edward.

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