8 thoughts on “Mishegaas

  1. the Iran divestment thing is no joke. expect to see a big push on this in the coming year. and unlike the Israel divestment campaign, there are some seriously well-conected people behind this effort.

  2. re: Amy Winehouse: anyone feeling her sound PLEASE check out Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. they are the originators of Winehouse’s sound and deserve some respect. it’s been a longtime coming.

  3. Regarding Winston Churchill and the warm spot most of us have for the man for saving the West and being supportive of the Jews, the article in question was probably not written by WC but by one of his assistants who he asked to draft the column – when WC saw it he disagreed with it and killed it – happens all the time, nothing to consider significant.

  4. incorrect, what’s the basis for your claim there? The article references a ghostwriter, but it does not mention it being a draft and does not mention Churchill objecting to the anti-Semitism. It actually tells quite a different story, in which the article was submitted but withdrawn because “another magazine Churchill wrote for objected to him supplying a rival.” That’s a bit different.
    If you have a source for your claim, please post it.

  5. Matt, I read that on-line, but I’m too tired to google for it, hope someone out there is willing to do so.

  6. Why do I have to do all the heavy lifting around here:
    Historians clash over Churchill ‘anti-Semitism’
    David Smith
    Sunday March 11, 2007
    The Observer
    Winston Churchill’s views on anti-Semitism were at the centre of a row last night after Cambridge University claimed to have discovered a 70-year-old document in which the future Prime Minister wrote that Jews may ‘have been partly responsible for the antagonism from which they suffer’, inviting terms of abuse such as ‘Hebrew bloodsucker’.
    Dr Richard Toye, a Cambridge historian, said he chanced on a typed article, written by Churchill in 1937 but unpublished, among proofs and press cuttings at the Churchill Archives Centre in Cambridge. The university issued a press release trumpeting, ‘Uncovered: The “lost” paper Churchill kept from publication,’ and promoting a book by Toye which is to be published later this month.
    Article continues
    But when The Observer contacted Sir Martin Gilbert, the eminent historian and Churchill biographer, the implication of anti-Semitism began to unravel. Gilbert, who also has a book out this summer, said the article was not written by Churchill at all, but rather his ghost writer, Adam Marshall Diston. He added that Churchill’s instructions for the article were different in both tone and content from what Diston eventually wrote, and pointed out that Diston was a supporter of Oswald Mosley, the notorious fascist and anti-Semite. Churchill had stopped its publication in a newspaper.

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