Women marching in protest on Inauguration Day
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A Prayer for Protest on Inauguration Day

[pullquote align=right] We need these protests more than ever.
[/pullquote]Seeing hundreds of people at the queer dance party protest at Mike Pence’s house was so beautiful it nearly brought me to tears. The joy, the fierce and courageous joy, is my glimmer of hope in these dark times. (Pence, in case you missed it, tried to jail people for applying for same sex marriage licenses in Indiana in 2013. “Notoriously homophobic” is an understatement.)

I will be marching to protest the Inauguration this Saturday in Boston, and I hope you will be marching at whatever protest you can on Saturday as well. These are not normal times, and we need to keep fighting with every ounce of strength we have.

I have heard the argument made that everything we are protesting against has already come to pass, and it’s pointless to go and wear out our voices shouting.

I strongly disagree. Even if Trump’s nightmarish appointments are already set, we still benefit from gathering together and lifting our voices in song and chants. We are wounded, but we are not broken. We need these protests more than ever, and every sign and t-shirt I see is like a balm for my weary little heart.

In preparation for marching on Shabbat, I will be saying this Prayer for Protest:

May the Source of blessing bless us with courage and compassion as we heed the call to gather and organize.

When we are crowded together in protest, let our spirits be lifted by the strength in our numbers.

Just as we envision ourselves with angels when we sing “Kadosh, kadosh, kadosh,” let us recognize the Divine spark in each other as we move through the streets together, marching and dancing and singing as one.

May our chants be fierce and our voices amplified with righteousness, and may our tactics be courageous and effective.

May we respect every human soul we encounter on our way, and may we find respect in the eyes of all who see us. May our strategies be inclusive and kind.

May our joy be contagious, bringing more people and support to our cause, tipping the balance towards justice and peace and a brighter future for all, with art and music and love and equality. May we find the strength and courage to shout our message loud and clear: hate does not belong here, bigotry will not be a part of Olam Ha Ba.

And as we put down our signs and head home, tired and hoarse, let us find the strength to remember:

Our work is just beginning.

And let us say, Amen.

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