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Pre-Shabbat Mishegaas

  • The US State Department released its annual report on human rights yesterday, which charges Israel with “serious abuses by some members of the security forces against Palestinian detainees,” “institutional, legal, and societal discrimination against the country’s Arab citizens,” “discrimination in personal and civil status matters against non-Orthodox Jews,” “societal violence and discrimination against women,” “trafficking in and abuse of women and foreign workers,” “de facto discrimination against persons with disabilities,” and “government corruption.” Man, those f*cking Leftists in the Bush administration and their antisemitism…
  • A day after congress voted 62-2 to block the Bush administration’s insider deal with Dubai Ports World to control the nation’s port security, the UAE controlled company backed off the deal, saving Bush the trouble of using his first veto to defend known terrorist sympathizers.
  • Hareidim demand more gender segregation at the Kotel.
  • Rabbis to shut down yeshivot prior to election to send kids out to campaign against Kadima & Labor.
  • Haaretz reports on how racism against Mizrachim is playing a role in Israel’s elections.

4 thoughts on “Pre-Shabbat Mishegaas

  1. Wow. My people going doorknocking for the Religious Right. Wow. i wouldn’t put it past Karl Rove that they’d try to deploy these kids in Florida and other swing states with Jewish populations in 08.

  2. maybe the rabbis read what happened at hillel, and got ideas. The left and the moderates,just won’t fight back until they really take over. That is why I am kind of greatful to the state South Dakota. Alot of people won’t think they can risk voting republican anymore, since the courts aren’t going to protect Roe.

  3. “Man, those f*cking Leftists in the Bush administration and their antisemitism…”
    I realize that a realistic view of American government is rare on Jewschool, so I’ll fill in the blanks. Much of what goes on in the State Department (and other departments, but the State Department is legendary for this) does not reflect the views of the President or his top advisers, or even the Secretary of State. This has been true for decades, through all kinds of Republican and Democratic administrations. I’m not sure of the legalities of a President cleaning house at the State Department, but even if legally doable, it’s just not practical to fire them all at once. In any case, since no previous President has tried this, it’s odd to blame Bush for not doing so.
    The ethos at the State Department is actually different from both mainstream conservatism and mainstream liberalism (hence the ongoing conflict between them and the Presidents). It tends to be realist (not idealist) and interested in short-term management and stability (at the expense, I think, of long-term benefits and risky-but-worthwhile initiatives).
    At some point maybe we should discuss why Republican doesn’t always mean conservative, Democrat doesn’t always mean liberal, Presidents aren’t the only indicator of the country’s policy direction (there’s Congress, the Courts, State and local governments, etc.), and that in economic issues there’s also the Fed and the non-governmental decisions of business, labor and individuals to consider.

  4. if bush doesn’t like your science (ie., you claim, for example, that global warming exists) he fires you. if bush doesn’t like your intellgience assessments, he fires you (or leaks the identity of your undercover wife to the press). if bush doesn’t like your position on human rights in israel, he has condi get up on the dais and pronounce that position to the world. right.

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