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You don't know Jack

The new issue of Vanity Fair has an eye-opening profile of embattled uber lobbyist Jack Abramoff. The story’s author, David Margolick, was on Countdown with Keith Olbermann and had this to say about Abramoff’s fashion sense:

The black hat business is really kind of a bum rap. And on this, I feel very sympathetic to him. He’s an Orthodox Jew, he’s been an Orthodox Jew for 40 years, or almost 40 years. Orthodox Jews cover their heads when they go out, they wear yarmulkes or they wear hats. And in fact, he put on a black hat because he thought that wearing a yarmulke would subject him to charges that he was excessively and recently pious.
So he put on his black rain hat instead, and he got pilloried for it. And I think that part of it all is rather a bum rap.

2 thoughts on “You don't know Jack

  1. maybe it is because nobody noticed him wearing a hat or the yarmulke until the indictments?
    If I were an orthodox Jew this would make me angry as it suggests he is using my religion as a cover and he is implicating me in his crimes. Needless to say I don’t think his reputation for phoney piety is underserved.

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