Presenting Operation Bubbe

Concerned about a repeat of 2000’s shenanigry in Florida? We’ve teamed up with the folks at the National Jewish Democratic Council to bring you Operation Bubbe.

Operation Bubbe is an effort to recruit Jews unhappy with the leadership in Washington who live in northeastern “safe states” to travel to Florida for the five day weekend before Election Day as Get Out The Vote (GOTV) volunteers to make sure Jewish retirees get to the polls. Once in Florida, volunteers will participate in a variety of activities, including up to four days of GOTV work in the Jewish community, an Operation Bubbe volunteer party/pep rally, and a victory celebration after the polls close on election day.

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5 thoughts on “Presenting Operation Bubbe

  1. Good ol’ democracy.
    The names of the organizations should be changed more accurately to reflect the goals to Get Out the Vote For Anyone But Bush and Operation Help Bubbie Vote For Anyone But Bush.
    At least I can use the site to register to vote for Bush. Thanks, Mo! Get Out the Vote (only if you’re voting the way I am)!

  2. get over the whole “anybody but bush” thing. That was long gone once John Kerry emerged. Now the democrats are getting out to vote for Kerry. Kerry is extremely pro-Israel and half Jewish.
    I applaud this idea to help get seniors out to the polls. Its a mitzvah!

  3. Actually, for me, it’s still anyone but Bush. I’d prefer John McCain, Colin Powell, hell, maybe even Arh-nuld. I’m not entry comfortable with Kerry. Where I think Bush is a simpleton and a poor manager (look at the divisions and infighting of his cabinet), I think Kerry is a simple politician without an actual vision or strength of leadership. I’m picking the lesser of the two stupid, poor choices.
    Besides, there is nothing wrong with casting a “No” vote. I don’t think Bush has done a good job, and therefore, I won’t vote for him. The unfortunate reality of our two party system is that when the other party has a drought of leadership, there isn’t a decent leader to rally for. I’m waiting for Elliot Spitzer to run in 2012. Maybe Barak Obama. Or better yet, put the kike and the nigger on the ticket and kick history in mouth 🙂

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