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Pro-Israel and Pro-Lebanon

Tikkun’s Mitchell Plitnick at Thomas Paine:

As Israel loses more soldiers in actions that increasingly resemble the catastrophic 1982 invasion of Lebanon, the question for Jews in Israel, America and the rest of the world becomes not just whether Israeli actions are morally justified, but whether or not they are strategically sound. The answer to both is no.

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See also: Dahar Jamail from Lebanon on “Supporters of Hezbollah”

4 thoughts on “Pro-Israel and Pro-Lebanon

  1. Morally sound? Anyone who wonders if Israel’s actions are morally sound is either a pacifist (good luck selling that theory today), an Israeli hater, or someone who’s moral compas is so askew that they’d end up in Alaska if they attempted to navigate to Mexico.

  2. If the soldiers die, they die accomplishing something. If civilians die nothing good comes from that.
    If Israeli’s are not willing to die for their country than it’s in big touble.
    On the other hand, this article is from tikkun so who cares.

  3. Who cares about tikkun olam. Most of us.
    I’ve always thought the term ‘self-loathing Jew’ was utterly racist. You two are making me begin to think otherwise. Everything about you is so un-b’tselem elohim. Finite. Fixed. Murderous.
    Shame on you both.
    Go study Torah, and then Plato, who got a lot of his ideas from Moishe.

  4. SO what would anyone suggest? Allow the Hezbos to keep raining terror on Israel? AT least Israel doing something no one else dared to do. I do feel bad for the lebanese civilians, Ive close lebanese friends who’ve lost loved ones. I know this war will only bring more terror to Israel but what should we have done—that would LESSEN the terrorism against us??

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