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Shin Bet Scuttled Peace Initiative?

An “urgent press release” issued by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed of the University of Sussex Dept. of International Affairs states,

The Omega Institute (OI), which works closely with the Institute for Policy Research for Development (IPRD), has learned from Israeli and Palestinian sources that just prior to the current crisis, senior Hamas leaders were in active dialogue with Israeli religious leaders in a round of bilateral peace negotiations. Israeli negotiators included Rabbi Menachem Froman, former deputy leader and co-founder of the Israeli Settler movement Gush Khatif; Rabbi David Bigman, head of the liberal religious Kibbutz movement Yeshiva at Ma’ale Gilboa; and Yitzhak Frankenthal, founder of the Arik Institute. Ongoing negotiations had resulted in a breakthrough peace “understanding”, which was to be announced at a press conference in Jerusalem to mark the launching of an extraordinary peace initiative. Israeli Prime Minister Olmert had been briefed extensively about the initiative by Frankenthal. Also due to attend the conference were Khaled Abu Arafa, the Palestinian Cabinet Minister for Jerusalem, Sheikh Muhamed Abu Tir, senior Hamas Member of the Palestinian Parliament, and other senior Palestinian delegates.
The meeting was to announce a joint Israeli-Palestinian call for the release of Corporal Gilad Shalit who had been abducted by Hamas in Gaza, along with proposals for the beginning of the release of all Palestinian prisoners. These measures were to precipitate unprecedented new peace negotiations on a framework peace agreement, drawn on the 1967 borders. The presence of Palestinian Cabinet Officers and senior Israeli religious leaders in contact with the Prime Minster was to underline the seriousness of this peace proposal on both sides.
Just hours before the meeting was due to start, the Israeli Shin Bet internal Security Service arrested Abu Tir and Abu Arafa and warned them not to attend the meeting, under threats of detention. The meeting, which offered a major opportunity to obtain Shalit’s release and launch a new framework for peace, was thrown into disarray. The next day, the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) invaded Gaza, and the day after both Abu Tir and Abu Arafa were abducted by Israeli forces, along with a third of the Palestinian Cabinet, provoking a predictable escalation of violence.

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10 thoughts on “Shin Bet Scuttled Peace Initiative?

  1. And since the muslims are so truthful and dependable, we can therefor rely on every word Mr. Naafez tells us. After all, he is a member of the Religion of Peace.

  2. dirrigible’s sarcasm aside, I’d like to know who these ‘sources’ are before i pass judgment… because any good crime needs a motive, and I don’t see one here.

  3. And not just that but…since when can “religious leaders” serve as representatives of a democratically elected government?

  4. “Also, this would have formed part of a call for this to be the beginning of the release of all Palestinian prisoners, as part of an immediate start to peace negotiations on a framework peace agreement, based on the joint agreement of the Hama’s/Fatah prisoners, drawn on the 1967 borders.”
    Yeah, that would’ve worked swimmingly.

  5. Current events have left me doubtful that 1967 borders are defensible until there is an end to Islamo-fascist jihadism. Also, the release of all Palestinian prisoners seems rather ludicrous. Finally, to do so now, in response to the capture of a soldier, in negotiations with a government sworn to destroy Israel, would be suicidal.

  6. You mean that Isreal kidnapped people, and that this set off the violence?
    Naahhh, get out’a he’ah!
    Everyone knows that Isreal keeps the Palestinian children and women in jail without trial because the are ‘terrorists’.
    Good thing that Palestinians don’t have the bombs that the Jewish state does–Televiv would be toasting like Beruit by know.
    Thank God that Isreal has the world’s most powerful criminal superpower on its side–it can do as it wants, bomb everyone else if they disagree.

  7. Let’s see: Abu Tir meets with Gush Shalom delegates, and tells them Hamas is willing to have a 30 year hudna. Yitzhak Frankenthal immediately offers to exchange himself for Cpl Shalit. I find myself demonstrating on Fridays (in Philly) with a former settler turned extraordinary peace activist who was discussing the Prisoners Document with Palestinians in Ramallah, six weeks ago. Around the same time, I was demonstrating in Bil’in with a bunch of Israelis I had never met before, surrounding by Palestinians who hate the occupation, not Jews. The Geneva Accord was an extra-parliamentary agreement.
    At the Friday demonstrations here, the pseudo pro-Israel gang uses the same language right in my face, that the Dick Cheney used to Leahy. They tell me I should have been aborted. They tell me I’m ugly.
    My mom, who always acts like it’s news to her that I am an activist, tells me that there was a demonstration last week, and had she known, she would have ‘stood with Israel.’ I tell her that she can come this week, and I’ll make her a sign that says she should have aborted me.
    A Palestinian man brought lots of cold water for us, last week. His 9 month old niece had been killed the week before, in the West Bank.
    Yes, this piece does have a ring of truth to it.
    Shma, Dirrigible: are you b’tselem elohim? Is that possible, if you really believe that Muslims/Palestinians/Arabs have a Jew-hating gene in their DNA strands? You really think that it’s always ‘them’ against ‘us?’ Isn’t that a little Bush-y?
    ‘Enough with the bloodshed, enough!’ Israeli military cemeteries are already overcrowded. And so are the morgues in Gaza.
    PS Why is it that EVERY NON-ELECTED PERSON IN THE WORLD can find peace partners, but elected officials cannot?

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