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Very, Very, Very Bad Idea

YNet reports,

High Court allows group to visit Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av

The High Court of Justice decided to allow the “Temple Mount Faithful” group to visit the Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av against the judgment of the Shin Bet and the police, who believe such a visit is likely to cause a flare up in light of the recent security situation.

Who on Earth thought that this would be smart? You have got to be kidding me. Someone want to at least tell me if this is happening erev or yom 9 Av, so I can know to stay far, far away?

14 thoughts on “Very, Very, Very Bad Idea

  1. No offense but fuck that. I’ve been up there plenty of times. As long as they don’t interfere with Muslim worship, why shouldn’t they be allowed up there? Whose country is this anyway?? The Muslims and the Waqf should be thankful they’re allowed up there at all. The Temple Mount is, after all, the holiest site in Judaism. Oh, and this is our country. Have I mentioned that?

  2. excuse me? the bad idea is to let the muslims control the area. the bad is to capitulate and not allow jews to pray at the holiest jewish site. this is a jewish site, in a jewish state and if we don’t act on it then the phrase “ha habyit beyadeinu” will truly be outdated.

  3. odds? Are you kidding? The “temple mount faithful” go up all the time, without incident. I doubt they choose Tisha B’av to start attacking Muslims.

  4. these people are crazy. I recommend Gorenberg’s book End of Days to shed light on the insanity at play here. American Bible Belt Evangelicals who happen to be well versed in Biotech are working on breeding the red heifer in Israel so some millenialist Jews can push the hand of G-d and bring world war 3 (this is not the the olam haba of our prayers). the faithful at the temple institute are preparing all of the tools for sacrifice, you can even buy a virtual beis hamikdash dvd and pictures of modern Jerusalem with the beis hamikdash in place of the haram al sharif- just to get used to the idea. come on.. do you all really believe G-d wants animal sacrifice from us now? korbonos speedily in our days?? how does lurianic gilgul hanefesh jive with resurrection, which body do you get in the time of the moshiach zombie party? doesn’t the dream’s deferral warrant its meaning, we are forever waiting, continuously building, ascending towards perfection, why are we closer to “the end” now than we were when the 2nd temple was destroyed? well i just think we should focus on now, on our relationships with each other and G-d, instead of pretending the forever distant future could be tomorrow so we better be ready.
    check it out here:

  5. What do not we need, in the midde of a war that seems to be moving in the direction of “increasingly complicated,” is incitement at a sensitive location (one whose visit helped spark the 2nd intifada, as people may recall) at the hands of people who are bent upon bringing the Messianic age of the 3rd Temple.
    A little sensible tzimtzum? Not always such a bad thing.

  6. VERY VERY VERY VERY bad idea. I don’t think the Palestinian reaction to Sharon’s visit there was and is ín any way acceptable, but why be provactive at a time of war?

  7. Hey, go for broke, you have the weapons of mass destruction, you can always nuke’m.
    Oh, my bad ‘they’ are in your Jewish ‘country’–you would blow yourselves up too.
    Bad non-jew idea.

  8. Hey, more disgusting Jews pretending that this is their country and they have the right to attend their most holy site. Let’s definitely show our superiority to our atavistic Jewish throwbacks, we are modern, we are better, if we try hard enough we can almost be Xtians – come on Hunter, come on Heather, show those ancient Jews that we are not of their ilk!

  9. dirrigilbe– i don’t undersand your last post as it seems to be saturated with sarcasm- also Hunter and Heather, whats the reference? and who are you accusing of being like Xtians. most rabbis say that jews shouldn’t visit the mount for issues of purity (collective contact with the dead) and disagreement over the location of the holy of holies. i’m all about jewish access to the site (especially for archaelogy), but i can understand how messianic fervor can inflame the current conflict and distract people from dealing with reality. whats with the “disgusting jews” remark too? i mourn the destruction of the temple and pray for our redemption but what that looks like- i can’t say for sure…

  10. big D, nothing is worse than sarcasm that isn’t understood, I doubt that you know LA culture – Hunter and Heather, very non Jewish names that very assimilated Jews name their kids (e.g. forget Rachel, Adam) – in general my most was a reference to those Jews who would like to forget they are Jewish to the extent possible, they are willing to throw off any vestige of Judaism if it interfers with their ability to maintain their near xtain cultural status – those almost non Jewish Jews certainly would have no concern for sacred Jewish sites, etc. Based on your post my comment was definitely not aimed at those of your persuasion.

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