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Probable Yom Kippur Suicide Bombing Foiled

Haaretz reports,

Security forces foiled a suicide attack that most likely would have targeted a packed synagogue during the Yom Kippur holiday, confiscating an explosives belt from a South Tel Aviv apartment yesterday and arresting the head of the cell planning the attack on Friday.
The joint Hamas-Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine cell intended to carry out the attack at a Tel Aviv synagogue during Yom Kippur, the most important Jewish holiday of the year, security forces believe.
Based on the testimony of men arrested over the weekend, police and Shin Bet agents raided the apartment at 4:30 A.M. yesterday, where they found the belt.
Several Palestinians there who lacked residency permits were arrested and transferred to the Shin Bet for questioning.

The belt was smuggled into Tel Aviv in pieces, over several different trips.

Full story here.

6 thoughts on “Probable Yom Kippur Suicide Bombing Foiled

  1. Hi all, about 3 or 4 posts down someone with the usual leftist anti Israeli bias suggested we use Yom Kippur to confess communal sins, including: “And for the sin which we have sinned against you by the closing of borders…”
    To leftists, dead Jews are way better than inconveniencing Palestinians.

  2. True, it’s repellent to be reminded that God, in his infinite wisdom and mercy, has afflicted the Jewish people with toxic pollution like Incorrect, but – especially at this time of year – it should be instructive as well. I mean, what could God possibly be thinking in permitting the existence of some kind of Golem like Incorrect, something so smug, so self-righteous, so nausaetingly arrogant and stupid and morally and intellectually degenerate, that it reminds you of nothing so much as the resolution to Heart of Darkness: “The horror, the horor; exterminate all the brutes.”
    Of course, as disgusting as his existence is for the rest of us, just imagine what it would be to have lived a modestly decent life – or at least anything short of the depravity of something on the order of Stalin or Pol Pot – and then to have given birth and raised something like Incorrect. Imagine what it would be like to have it return home someday on Rosh Hashanah or Pesach, and realize you’ve brought this impossibly obnoxious creature into the world, this thing incapable of introspection, or discetion, or basic honesty or human decency. What would it be like to be responsible for the existence of something like that, and have to think to yourself, “God, how the hell did I fail that badly?”
    And of course, if you ask the thing how the fuck it got to be so twisted, and deformed, and utterly devoid of anything resembling human feeling, it would respond with some brilliant comeback like, “Boy, liberals sure are so angry!”

  3. I’m impressed with the Hamas-PFLP collaboration. I’d love to hear more about this. Knowing PFLP folks as I do, it’s quite a stretch…. those folks have not had great relationships…

  4. Yes, of course you do, Incorrect; because, unlike me and the rest of Jewschool’s readers, you don’t actually like to see fellow Jews murdered in terrorist attacks. Indeed, it’s hard to see how anyone could misinterpret your basic generosity of spirit and overflowing love in your heart for your fellow Jews, given the absence of sneering contempt, slanderous distortions, and outright lies that have characterized every single comment you’ve ever left on this site.

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