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Secret Israeli crematorium burned after location published in ultra-Orthodox newspaper

From the AP:

MOSHAV HIBAT ZION, Israel (AP) — The charred hut and blackened chimney are all that remain of what was one of Israel’s best-kept secrets.
It was the Jewish state’s first and only crematorium. But more than that, it was a symbol. To secular Jews it meant the right to choose one’s own exit from this world. To religious Jews it was a violation of Jewish law, which requires that the dead be buried intact. And it struck a raw nerve on both sides, conjuring up images of the Holocaust ovens.
The crematorium burned down on Aug. 22, a day after ultra-Orthodox activists discovered and publicized its location. Police suspect arson, and although no arrests have been made, the affair has become the latest episode in the religious wars that have dogged Israel since its creation.

Full story.

4 thoughts on “Secret Israeli crematorium burned after location published in ultra-Orthodox newspaper

  1. Hi all, about 3 or 4 posts down someone with the usual leftist anti Israeli bias suggested we use Yom Kippur to confess communal sins, including: “And for the sin which we have sinned against you by the closing of borders…”
    To leftists, dead Jews are way better than inconveniencing Palestinians.

  2. Sorry, posted the above to the wrong article – and for the record, as a believer in the rule of law, anyone involved in the burning of the crematoria, no matter if abhorrent to Jewish belief, is guilty of arson and should be tried, convicted and sentenced accordingly.

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