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Prosecutors Seek Stiffer Sentence in Irving Ruling

Austrian prosecutors have filed an appeal against the three-year prison sentence handed to the British historian David Irving, arguing that he escaped too lightly for the crime of Holocaust denial.
[…] Irving’s defence lawyer, Elmar Kresbach, has already appealed against the severity of the sentence. But Walter Geyer, spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office in Vienna, said that prosecutors in the trial filed their own appeal today.
“The public prosecutor believes the ruling was too lenient in light of a possible sentence of up to ten years and Irving’s special importance to rightwing radicals,” Herr Geyer said.

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One thought on “Prosecutors Seek Stiffer Sentence in Irving Ruling

  1. In Austria, if you’re a historian and you lie about the past, they throw you in jail. but if you’re a war criminal and you lie about your past, they elect you president.

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