Psychologists award ‘Law & Order’ for sensitivity

USA Today reports that Law & Order: Special Victims Unit will receive the American Psychological Association’s Golden Psi Media Award, a prize given for accurate and responsible portrayal of therapists.

“Hate” focused on a man who raped Arabs and burned them alive, and whose attorney then defended him by using brain scans purporting to show that his prejudice was hard-wired into the brain.

The episode challenged a trendy view that genetics and brain function determine behavior, Schultz says.

Scans presented in court show that the word “Arab” sparked increased brain activity in the man accused of killing Arabs. But Huang shows that a rabbi has a similar response to a photo of Holocaust survivors, and the same part of a black minister’s brain is activated by a Ku Klux Klan photo. Yet neither man has killed anyone.

Huang argues that the environment influences behavior. “The point is, you’re not born hating,” says Neal Baer, the show’s head writer and executive producer. It turns out the young man’s rage against Arabs grew from feelings toward his father, who left the family to marry an Arab woman.

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7 thoughts on “Psychologists award ‘Law & Order’ for sensitivity

  1. Fascinating. The attorney’s defense is inexplicable. In essence, he’s saying his client did it because his brain made him do it. Well, if we’re not responsible for what’s going on in our brain, there’s not much left for us to be responsible for.

  2. the real story here is the pc crowd going out of its way to make us feel sympathetic towards arabs. how many news stories have we had in which crazed killers were going after arabs; and how many real life stories have we had that arab/muslims were trying to kill non muslims? yet the tv show and the award focus on a virtually nonexistant threat to arabs. the next episode in the series will undoubtedly feature a crazed buddhist hijacking a plane to kill a bunch of amish who had been threatening his wife and chlldren. gotta love holywood and acadamia for being so in touch with reality.

  3. Meanwhile, back in real reality, it isn’t hard to see that our friends in the Arab establishment will squeal like stuck pigs if anyone tries to take their peculiar hatred away….
    NEW YORK – Arab states at the United Nations are trying to foil a proposal to raise a vote condemning anti-Semitism in the General Assembly this September….
    The blunt language used by the Arabs describing their opposition, and their plans to use diplomatic means to prevent the resolution from reaching a vote, shocked the Europeans, said a UN source….
    “The Europeans were depressed when they left the meeting,” said the source.

  4. L&O:SVI is so bad, it shouldn’t carry the SVI name. Bad, tacked-on, subplots, and horrible writing in general plagues the show. I don’t know how anyone can get past that. I don’t think anyone would watch it if it had any other name.

  5. Nevermind the incoherrencies in the last post. The first sentence should read: “L&O:SVU is so bad, it shouldn’t carry the L&O name.”

  6. avi,
    You must have missed TNT’s “The Grid”.
    L&O is such a great show, and while SVU isn’t bad, classic L&O always seems to be on at the same time, so why would I watch the knockoff?

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