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The defunct Jerusalem label Fact Records may no longer being putting out records you can buy in the store, but their experimental pseudo-label “The Basement” run by singer/songwriter Omri Levy have just released an internet only, 100 percent free compilation of demos and b-sides from Israeli independent songwriters.

Get it here. It’s all lo-fi, in English (except for one song) and thankfully, it’s a far cry from the incredibly dull David Broza, Rami Kleinstein and Shlomo Artzi. If you like what you hear take a look around and take notice of such stellar songwriters such as Juddah the Buddah (Yehuda Ledgley), Amit Erez, Jay Walk Snail and Tamar Eisenman. These people are writing some amazing songs in very small rooms. Check out Fact Record’s sister label, the Tel Aviv based Fast Music. Besides their label, they run a small live music club called The Patiphone.

Rock over Tel Aviv! Rock over London!

If you happen to live in England, make sure you check out Tel Aviv’s most psychedelic mediterranean-infused rock band, Izabo when they play London and Liverpool next month.

Israel, where it’s still hip to be a hipster.

9 thoughts on “Real ‘Indie’ Media

  1. Fast Music indeed! Does surf get any more fun than the Astroglides…? Could any nice Jewish boy NOT want to hang out in the garage with Michal Kahan…?

  2. The site wanted me to “buy” the album for 0 NIS. Then when I was “checking out,” it told me the minimum payment was 3 NIS.
    Any other ways to hear this “free” album?

  3. David Broza is kick ass guitarist– he infuses singer songwriting with flamenco, and it’s a great combo. I’ve seen him perform with Cyro Baptista, too– Cyro is a staple in the New York downtown scene with his group Beat the Donkey and with John Zorn (he also played with Herbie Hancock in Tel Aviv once).
    He does suck when he sings in English though (what’s that crap about Wyoming? nice try Dudu…)

  4. Dear Sirs
    My name is Elisete, I am a singer and song wrtiter. I was born in Brazil and i live in Israel for 14 years.
    My first cd “Luar e Cafe” was released in 2004 and has received from the press here in Israel a lot of good critics.
    you can see more about my album at my website: http://www.elisete.com
    This cd was made in an Independent way, and it was distributed by a label called Pookh Musica.
    The songs are mostly in Hebrew ( a few in Portuguese) but the rhythm is very Brazilian.
    Nowadays, i am working on my second cd ..
    I would like to check if it may interest you to have a copy of my cd in order to know my music and perhaps to promote it in your country?
    In case you would be interested i would like to have your address so i can send you a sample.
    Looking forward to hear from you.
    Best regards

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