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Quintuple Hasbarah FAIL

Jewish Fail points out this charming wardrobe offering from the Jewish Enrichment Center, the Ohr Somayach-affiliated group that is–for reasons that utterly elude me–the only Birthright Next affiliate in the New York area.

The theory behind this hoodie is that you shouldn’t boycott Israel because Victoria’s Secret panties are made in Israel. Now, I agree that you shouldn’t boycott Israel, but, as Jewish Fail points out, this one doesn’t quite add up: The fabric is made in Israel, then sent to Jordan where it is turned into panties. In Jordan, they sew the Made in Israel label in and send them back to Israel for export.

Jewish Fail puts it like this:

That makes this a quintuple FAIL: A failure in taste, factuality, Israel advocacy and spelling (“Isreal?”), as well as a failure in tzenuah (modesty) by the Ohr Somayach-affiliated JEC.

Their whole post is here.

17 thoughts on “Quintuple Hasbarah FAIL

  1. JEC is no longer the only Birthright follow up provider in the NY area. (Thank God.)

    NEXT’s former New York-area affiliate, the Jewish Enrichment Center, which drew criticism last year for programming that resembled an Orthodox outreach group, is no longer part of NEXT, though it still exists as an affiliate of the Birthright Israel Foundation. NEXT’s national office has sponsored some New York-area programming of its own.

    They are also under new leadership.

  2. Somebody took the time to explain the difference between JEC and Birthright NEXT before they split. The JEC operation was much reviled by many a Birthright booster.

  3. What about the FAIL related to the inherent sexism? Sexy panties? I happen to think the world could greatly benefit from women’s undergarments made by a store that didn’t objectify women in its advertising (Maybe this should be a new BDS slogan: Boycott Israel, and end the objectification of women by Victoria’s Secret, all in one shot!)

  4. *barf
    Maybe Jewschool should offer a tshirt/sweatshirt design contest on a Jewschool-friendly subject, like Jewish pluralism or inclusive communities, or even (*gasp) a positive vision of Israel. We could all vote on the best design. Someone would have to do the thankless task of finding a printer, getting a decent price and collecting pre-orders…

  5. Victor, that’s a great idea! And, we can use cafepress to print the shirts. No onerous research needed.

  6. Cafepress is like double or triple the cost of conventional printing. I’ve done this before. If we can get 100 pre-orders I’ll find us a printer and ship out the shirts, but someone else needs to handle money.
    BZ, it could have been a mistake, but I think it’s a play on words. Back when I took my birthright trip in 2004, Taglit handed out shirts that said “Love Isreal” (i.e. Love is real).

  7. my proposed image for the shirt:
    The blues brothers drawn in an old school shtetl school room, with a vicious, mean looking teacher fondling a ruler. Like the nun in the movie that beat them on the knuckles.
    John Belushi will have Mobius’ face.
    Caption will read: Come home to Jewschool, fucker!

  8. “The evil teacher will have Abe Foxman’s face, but all skinny Fagan like.”
    Why stop there? Why not give him a large nose, some large fangs, dripping in blood, and have him holding a globe by puppet strings?
    The tagline can be “Jews hate Jews too!” on the front and “Even when they take a free trip” on the back. Go on, embrace your hatred.

  9. I guess nobody remembers Mobius’s original Jewschool cafepress line? Those designs were awesome.

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