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Dumb: “If we can’t trust him with $350 million, what can we trust him with?” #0151; Israel’s consul general in New York, Arye Mekel
Dumber:”I told them, ‘If an Israeli diplomat can say that, why can’t we?'” — Marc Pelavin, associate director of the Washington-based Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
Once again this liberal minded blogger finds himself a minority in agreement with: “We should demand that any money should be linked explicitly, directly and unequivocally to compliance with their obligations: Dismantle the terrorist organizations, end incitement, close the bomb factories and arrest the terrorists,” — ultra conservative president of the Zionist Organization of America, Morton Klein.
Jewish groups urge congress to move full speed ahead with unconditional Palestinian aid to the tune of $350 million dollars as outlined by Bushie.
UPDATE: Klein’s op-ed: “Holocaust Denier Gets a Free Pass” is in the JewishJournal.

9 thoughts on “Quotes of the Week

  1. The Town Crier is on the mark again — why can’t we tie the money to such dismantling? And each incident means less money… wouldn’t the folks who need the money but then are deprived of it exert pressure on the terrorists to quit it? Then again, who would telling them not to try to kill us work now if it hasn’t worked yet? I have a fever, and the only cure is more security wall!

  2. Isaac,
    I have a better question. How can tying money to it work? Are the terrorist organizations a physical thing to “close?” After they get the money that you “tied” to this “closing” what tops the organizations from “reopening?”
    The only honest solution is if the arabs move out of Israel to Saudia Arabia- just like subliminal said.

  3. tc — i’m not thrilled with your abbas bashing. the man’s been dealt a rough hand and is doing his best. don’t think so? how bout this? and what about this?
    progress is slow, but it’s happening. stop being a hater.

  4. “progress is slow, but it’s happening. stop being a hater.”
    Good point. What if the leader in question is not a Holocaust denier, has never worked with a notorious terrorist, and has embarked on an ambitious plan to remake the Middle East? What if said leader’s policies are succeeding?
    “progress is slow, but it’s happening. stop being a hater.”
    For this guy, it seems being a hater is OK.

  5. Pardon me, J and Mo. I hear ya, I really do. By I took the optimistic open minded hopeful route the last time around. I was excited to watch that famous handshake and naivly thought that peace was real.
    Progress? I will believe it when I see it. Sorry, but that is the best I can do, in the mean time, Ill go with what i know. It goes way beyond Abbas just being a holocaust denier.

  6. Uh, Town Crier, the leader I was defending is not Abbas but rather a famous Texan many on the Left like to compare to Hitler. (Which I guess makes me like the people who voted for Hitler. Thanks, Lefties!) I just thought it was funny how selective the “hater” concept is.
    On the subject of Abbas, I don’t trust the guy either. And I did not take the hopeful route last time. I was at a restaurant in Kiryat Shmonah when I saw the handshake on TV and almost choked.
    It is true that Abbas is in a tough situation regardless of his intentions. But Mobius, why do you see conditions for receipt of American aid as something harmful to Abbas? If his intentions are good (which I doubt, but you never know), restrictions on the money would help him. He could tell the Palestinian hard-liners that he has no choice but to comply with what he’s agreed to regarding terrorism.

  7. “He could tell the Palestinian hard-liners that he has no choice but to comply with what he’s agreed to regarding terrorism.”
    and then totally set him self up for defeat because he’ll come across as a puppet for u.s. interests.
    when the bombs that have been dropped on your heads and the bullets you’ve been getting shot with and the bulldozers your houses have been getting knocked down with are all american, coming across as kow-towing to america isn’t exactly how to win the trust and respect of your people.
    it’s just a cold political reality that needs to be understood and accepted.

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