Rabbi Says Swallow, Don’t Spit

AP reports,

A prominent Israeli rabbi has ruled that spitting gum on a sidewalk or hiding it under a desk is a violation of Halacha or Jewish law, the Yediot Ahronot newspaper reported Thursday.

“Gum cannot be thrown where others are liable to be disgusted by it,” said Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, the rabbi of the holy city of Safed.

Improperly discarded gum may appear to be hidden, but “God knows” where it is, Eliyahu said, according to the newspaper.

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8 thoughts on “Rabbi Says Swallow, Don’t Spit

  1. Chewing gum is the practice of lower forms of life. It expresses inner tension and lack of control. People with self-respect do not chew gum except on special occasions because of special circumstances !!!!!!!!!
    I guess the same could be said about all the smoking rabbi’s out there.

  2. How does this work? Let’s theorize: Some agent asks important rabbis silly questions (or hears a talmid ask a silly question), gets a reasonable answer from the rabbi, translates it into English in just the right way to make it seem like the rabbi is issuing a goofy edict, etc. Is that about accurate? I would expect Jewschool readers to not fall for it.

  3. waterford,
    what is a goofy edict coming from a Rabbi?
    -chewing gum while praying,
    -picking noses on shabbat,
    -tearing toilet paper on shabbat,
    -farting while wearing tefillin? etc…
    -some people still don’t see a point about eating dairy after meat, and sounds goofy to a lot of people too.
    I suggest that you try meeting a Rabbi in a less informal place other than the main sanctuary pulpit. You might be surprised that these people are actually normal.

  4. This edict makes a lot of sense and reflects Jewish demeanor in society. Its nice to see that people take the opportunity to hurl cheap shots at a rabbi. I wish they would do the same to secular society with its plethora of idiosyncrasies.

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