8 thoughts on “The Word On The Street

  1. BAB’LAT
    Acronym for Bilbul Betsim bli ta’am, Mixing up balls (testicles) for no reason – useless, painful waste of time, as in I had to go fill out all these stupid forms at the bank. What a bablat.

  2. sof haderech slomah: Even more sof haderech than sof haderech. Theoretically you could add countless directions to this one until your friends tell you to shut the hell up.
    Ptzatzah: Literally explosive. Means a fine girl.
    Ach sheli: The new version of achi, meaning literally my brother, but more like homie.
    Schordinit: Combination of shachor (black) and blondinit (blonde girl). Means a dark haired chick who dyes her hair blonde. I love that one.
    Frechah, arsit, etc: You know those ghetto chicks at the mall who dress like hoes. (Sorry if I’m offending with this one.) Basically a female arse or chachchach. This word may have a mizrachit connotation as well…Not that I’m hating or anything.
    Shavaz: Acronym for shaveh zayin; literally “worth f*cking,” a crewd reference to a fine girl.
    Mastool: High on herb.
    Achlah, sababa, etc: Really there’s too many of those to mention…
    I know I’ll think of more of these but I been outta the Land for a minute….

  3. From my own blogpost on the subject:
    Lots of the words have to do with “s’ratim” (“movies”). At first glance, it doesn’t make a lot of sense — until you consider that the word “srat” means “s**t” in a good number of Slavic languages.

  4. ãô÷úé ñéðé áï æåðä
    dafakti sini ben zona
    l totally just ate some good f-ing chinese food (don’t try to translate it literally)
    úï ùëúà
    ten shakhta
    let me take a puff of your cigarette
    lapanim (not to be confused with ala panim)
    something awesome

  5. Madlik! I like this synonym for achlah because it makes me think of the candle blessing (is that too geeky? that’s what you get when you marry a rabbi). And we still use yallah to get the kids moving.

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