Radio Free Jewschoolistan

Lifting an idea from our beloved friends at Jewlicious, we’ve added a Radio.Blog to our sidebar, which features the best in “Jewish music that doesn’t suck.” To listen in, click the blue & gray JewJockey button on the upper-left. And enjoy!

If you’ve got any recommendations for additions, let us know. Special thanks to Jessie Karsif for helping curate the current selection.

7 thoughts on “Radio Free Jewschoolistan

  1. cool, love the radio addition, having just come back from the Land recently i’ve been searching for dudu tasa’s HaLayla Lo, if you could add that it would be awesome!

  2. um the translation of Hayehudim song is not These but Ella. Ella is written in hebrew the same way as elle, which means indeed these but in this case refers to the woman called ella.
    i have a ton of songs to reccomend, i’ll send u an email.

  3. Get some sub on here. I disagree with his politics, but his stuff is hot. Prachim Ba’Kane or Hafred U’mShoel are the jams man.

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