Rahm's Dharma Drama

The ongoing saga of Rahm Emanuel’s mayoral aspirations have seen a lot of back and forth.  First, Rahm’s residency during his work in the White House was challenged in the Cook County Electoral Commission.  He got by that.  This last week, an Appellete Court ruled  Emanuel ineligible on those same residency issues.  Immediately following, his campaign sought and won a ‘stay’ order by the Supreme Court so that ballots for the upcoming election would not be printed without his name. 
The Supreme Court of Illinois announced it would hear the case and handed down a ruling the Emanuel is eligible to run and is to be included on the ballots. Polls put Rahm as the front runner, and the candidate enjoys solid support from the city’s Jewish community, Obama’s team and his old boss Bill Clinton.  Though many disparagingly view him as the anointed successor to Mayor Daley or the practitioner of a particular brand of hardball politics, it seems to me he’s likely the right guy for the job.
It is his destiny. His dharma. Meet the new Boss… Chicago’s first Jewish mayor.

19 thoughts on “Rahm's Dharma Drama

  1. it seems to me he’s likely the right guy for the job.
    This is based on…what, exactly?
    (Not a Chicago voter, but generally skeptical of anything that then declares that the mayorship is someone’s “destiny.”)

  2. Miri, don’t think so much. Everyone running for Mayor of Chicago with a hope of winning is a long time, party-boss approved crook. Might as well be a Jew.

  3. it seems to me he’s likely the right guy for the job.
    as a born and raised Chicagoan with family roots there since the 1890s, I can tell you that he is the right guy for the job because he is a certified asshole, a loudmouth, a liar and corrupt to the core. just what it takes to serve as Chicago’s mayor.

  4. It seems to me he’s likely the right guy for the job,as a born and raised Chicagoan. I think he’s the only one with enough clout and the right atitude to control the city council. He know how to bust balls and isn’t afraid to do what he has to get things done. And frankly I’d rather have him then council wars.

  5. he is a certified asshole, a loudmouth, a liar and corrupt to the core.
    No doubt he is an asshole and a loudmouth. I don’t know too much about him, but do we know that he’s a corrupt liar as well?

  6. @victor – May as well. I sat next to him on Yom Kippur two years ago. Does that make him a good guy? No, but it says something…
    @miri – Its his destiny in that he’s progressively positioned himself in positions that would accumulate that clout. When two US Presidents endorse you and your White House replacement is the brother of the current mayor, it might be fait accompli. It likely was decided before Daley even announced retiring.
    @justin – he’s the right guy in that he has the political clout and civic alliances to ensure that the city runs smoothly and doesn’t have racially driven ‘council wars.’
    @david – I have no evidence that Rahm is or isn’t corrupt, and like most Chicagoans, I don’t mind if you are. Sadly, it takes a little corruption to get things done, keep the city safe and improve the schools. Its a dirty business.
    @Rebeeca – Spot on.

  7. I’m a suburbanite, so I’m affected by what the Chicago voters do, but get no voice or vote. The Chicago voters will choose their next mayor, according to whom they consider best capable of making the City that Works keep on Working. My sense is that Rahm’s being Jewish will not be nearly as much a factor as his not being African-American or Hispanic.
    He has a reputation for being somewhat foul-mouthed. However, some of the previous commenters on this post out-do him.

  8. May as well. I sat next to him on Yom Kippur two years ago. Does that make him a good guy? No, but it says something…

  9. I know, I know. Just try not to think about it 🙂 Chicago is one of the last real bastions of machine party politics. What the left says Israel is to progressive Jews, Chicago is to the progressive left. The system is so vast, so powerful, it completes a triple-homicide on idealism before breakfast.
    I’m in Wisconsin. I graduated with guys who are now Wisconsin State Senators, Aldermen, Milwaukee County Board members, and one who moved down to Chicago and got involved in City Hall there. Every time we get together, and I hear about how double-dealing Milwaukee politics is or how cynically corrupt Madison is, the Chicago guy starts talking and we all just sit in silence for a while, recovering from the trauma.

  10. And that’s coming from someone in Chicago! CHICAGO!!! My friend, I feel sorry for YOU! Illinois just raised its income taxes by what, 66% in one year! Your sales tax is about to increase as well, already the country’s highest, I believe. You are more than welcome to take Wisconsin’s place as the Midwest’s worst to do business in tax hell. And we’ll be happy to pick off your corporate refugees.
    After Gov. Doyle’s crony fiscal terrorism, on top of his actual cronyism, we need some sanity in Wisconsin. We had a conservative tidal wave in the fall – the Governorship, both Houses of state legislature, two or three congressional seats and one senate seat flipped to republicans. The Dems had their chance, and they failed, miserably, despicably. We’re hemorrhaging jobs up here.

  11. From Chicago, not in. This allows me to retain the right to relentlessly make fun of Wisconsin without having to deal with the insanity that is Chicagoland. Wisconsin politicking aside, it’s just a silly place. truly.

  12. death-defying stunt driving on the Edens
    thank God for no shoulders on interstates!!! 🙂 I will always cherish the memories of making it 25 miles into the city in 15 minutes…

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