Looking for a job in NYC? Uri L'Tzedek is hiring

Uri L’Tzedek is fast-paced and fast-growing organization: This past year Uri L’Tzedek has grown
from a local, New York based organization to a movement with national importance. We are looking for a self-motivated indivudual who can join this dynamic national team working with the Director, Associate Director of Operations, President, Board, Chair, and many volunteers As a grassroots effort, we show that individual actions can significantly contribute to justice in the world.
The Director of Programs anchors the ambitious programmatic agenda of the organization. The
Director of Programs reports to the Director and also works closely with the Chair of the Board of  Directors.
Primary Job Responsibilities:
· Engagement: Recruit and cultivate relationships with Uri L’Tzedek’s core constituencies
including young professionals, students, congregations, Rabbis, and other stake-holders.
· Program Design and Implementation: Develop Uri L’Tzedek’s programmatic
vision. Oversee Uri L’Tzedek’s menu of programming including the Tav HaYosher, Uri
L’Tzedek university fellowships, and social justice Batei Midrash. Leads the day-to-day
operating and logistics for these programs.
· Program Evaluation and Improvement: Evaluate Uri L’Tzedek’s current programs
with a focus on national scalability and replication, innovation, and added quality.
· Management: Recruit and manage committee heads.
Oversee educational and
programming staff including the Tav HaYosher team, Chair of College Initiatives, Social
Justice Rosh Beit Midrash, and local teams.
Please send cover letter and resume to jobs (at) utzedek.org.

2 thoughts on “Looking for a job in NYC? Uri L'Tzedek is hiring

  1. “Looking for a job?”
    I would have assumed all the readers here were either students or gainfully employed.
    Guess I was wrong.

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