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Speaking of Tunisians

Remember the ‘Macaca’ incident that ended the Senatorial campaign and presidential aspirations of George Allen?   You may recall that in the ensuing fallout he denied his Sephardic Jewish heritage, inherited from his Tunisian mother Etty Allan (nee Lumbroso).
Allen is working to revive his political career, and is owning up to his roots at Chabad’s National Jewish Retreat.  Weird? Or no?

4 thoughts on “Speaking of Tunisians

  1. Why would you say something so offensive? RCA is not a coed environment. Chabad has yeshivas for girls and women in Israel, in Tzvas and Jlem, not to mention Beis Chana in Minneapolis.
    I’ve attended RCA, so I give it my endorsement. I haven’t attended the women’s yeshivas and Beis Chana, obviously, but I hear they all rock, Beis Chana in particular.

  2. So Sen. Allen, who not only denied his Jewish heritage, but accused journalists who mentioned it of slandering him, now decides it’s ok? I’m sure it has nothing to do with his planning to run again. I wonder if he still uses his mother’s great pork chop recipe (as he boasted about)?

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