Rapture Ethics

This is why Jose of mayornot.com is hilariously brilliant:

The other day, when I was driving through Chicago I saw a bumper sticker that read:
WARNING: In case of Rapture, this car will be unmanned.
I was going to be offended, but then I realized that this was actually a very considerate thing to do. I mean, let’s follow this through:

  1. Only true believers in Jesus can go to heaven
  2. When the Rapture occurs, all the true believers will be instantly taken to heaven
  3. Anyone left behind will by definition *not* be a true believer
  4. When the true believers are suddenly taken away, cars will be driverless, planes will be pilotless, countries will be leaderle…umm…let’s stick with cars and planes.
  5. Anyone that dies in the resulting plane and car crashes will not be a true believer (see item 2) and will go to hell (see item 1)

Presumably, G-d doesn’t want anyone going to Hell. I’m short of verses at the moment, but it’s there somewhere. It makes sense that this person would have this bumper sticker up then. They are keeping me from certain damnation by encouraging me not to tailgate them. What a great and caring moment.
But I say, let’s take it one step further: Saved Christians, out of a desire to give the rest of us one more chance to believe, should never place themselves in a situation in which if they suddenly disappear they will put the life of someone unsaved at risk.
Saved Christians should never be head surgeons. They should all have non-saved chauffers. They should not work in ambulances, as police officers and certainly not as fire-persons. It’s merely a question of responsibility.


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