Reality TV's Holy Rollers

Hope everybody had a life-inscribing Yom Kippur. Ready for Sukkot?
In the meantime, The Learning Channel seems to be looking for Yidden to join in some new reality TV show on invoking ruach ha-kodesh through words. Abara C’adabra and all that. If you have the desire and the ability to speak in exclamation points, feel free to contact the woman below… I don’t know anything more than what was passed on to me, which is the rest of this post:

MUSLIMS, JEWS, CHRISTIANS ALIKE! Amazing, inspirational new series for THE LEARNING CHANNEL is looking for the NEXT GREAT MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER! WE ARE SEEKING A CAST WITH GREAT DIVERSITY! Are you driven to spread your message of compassion and good will? Do you have tools on how to succeed in life? Has your life experience made you want to help others? WE NEED YOU!
Could you be America’s next inspirational speaker to make a positive difference in millions of people’s lives?

  • Do you have a unique and positive message to share?
  • Do you feel you have the will and skill to motivate others?
  • Are you a gifted speaker, teacher, coach or preacher who can deliver a spirited message to an audience?

You need not be a professional speaker, just someone with a powerful voice and a positive message!
As sala’amu alaikum AND Shalom!
Job Location is So. Cal
Compensation: Yes and prizes
Thank you.
Jodi Nelson
Original Productions
818.822.8987 cell

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