Reform Movement Backs Withdrawl, Security Fence, Notifies Powell

Rabbi David Saperstein, Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, sent a letter today to Secretary of State Colin Powell informing him of a new resolution passed by the Union for Reform Judaism’s Board of Trustees, entitled “Unilateral Withdrawals, Security Barriers, and Home Demolitions: Striving for Security and Peace in Israel and the Middle East.” The resolution was included with the letter along with a copy of the new issue of Reform Judaism, which features several articles on the security barrier, including one by Rabbi Saperstein. The Union resolution on Israel is available at www.rac.org/isres.pdf, and Reform Judaism’s articles on the security barrier, including Rabbi Saperstein’s article “High-Stakes Gamble,” can be found at www.urj.org/rjmag.

(c/o civilrights.org)

One thought on “Reform Movement Backs Withdrawl, Security Fence, Notifies Powell

  1. After a few days of no comments here, I’m wondering if it’s because everyone here supports the Reform movm’nt’s position, or because they don’t see the point wasting time on Jews who whine to goyim about other Jews and trying to absolve themselves from these other bad Jews so they can have a clean conscious?
    Well, y’already know what I think.

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