Refuseniks To Hold Vigil on Friday

The Refuser Solidarity Network will be holding a vigil this Friday, March 5, at 5:30-6:30pm at 5th Ave. and 82nd St., near the private home the Israeli consul.

The Israeli military steps up its action against the Israeli conscientious objectors. In a cynical attempt to deter other future conscientious objectors, the military criminalizes and politically harasses the youth refusers! This Tuesday, in an unprecedented move, the military transferred Noam Bahat, Matan Kaminer, Adam Maor, Haggai Matar and Shimri Tzameret to a civil prison. The five youth, who were recently sentenced for a second year in prison, are locked now in small and overcrowded cells in the company of criminals. It is time to show them our support. It is time to shout that they do not belong in the civil prison. They do not belong in the military prison. THEY DO NOT BELONG IN ANY PRISON! The youth refusers are the true patriots who refuse to serve the occupation! The refusers struggle for a future for Israel because they know that the choice is between a peaceful future, or no future at all.

Please join us for a toast and candle lighting before the Shabbat service. Join us in an urgent call for the end of the occupation and the release of the conscientious objectors!

This Friday, March 5th, 5:30pm to 6:30pm at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 82nd Street, right next to the Metropolitan museum, near the Israeli consul’s private residence.

—Dani Vos, Eric Ben-Artzi, Asaf Shtull-Trauring, and Keren Wheeler
Refuser Solidarity Network

It’s a bit of a shame they chose to hold this vigil on Shabbos when everyone’s either in or on their way to shul…But that’s Israelis for ya.

7 thoughts on “Refuseniks To Hold Vigil on Friday

  1. I think this is where most of these particular folks live. The consolate, NY as a global city, home of the UN…I dunno, it all seems like iceing on the sweet sweet cake of refusal.

  2. But what do these people have to do with the draft-dodgers and those who refuse to serve in the territories? They are supporters of them? I just fail to understand why this is a “NY” issue. Oh well.

  3. It is a NY or better a US isssue because they are in prison because of occupation sponsored by American government and because the special role of American Jews in the Israeli polity. We simply need the support of the community here to save Israel from the occupation!

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