Relatively Rich

Hebrew University, who inhereted intellectual property rights to Albert Einstein’s name and image, has already made millions in royalties. But as The Economic Times reports, while celebrities pimp out their names indiscrimanetly (see post below re:Chris Noth’s deodorant commercial) the university establishes a standard of what is and isn’t appropriate for Einstein’s memory.

Singing sensation Madonna was refused to use Einstein’s image in a concert performance, as the university thought it was not in keeping with the preservation of his legacy, despite the potential royalties of thousands of dollars.

However, a request by director Steven Spielberg to use Einstein’s image for a few seconds in AI: Artificial Intelligence was permitted for $600,000 in royalties.

In another case, Pepsi was allowed to use the most famous Jew’s image in its commercials, but a liquor company that wished to launch a vodka named “Einstein” was refused permission to use the name.

Irony abound, as Germany, “Einstein’s native country, will be issuing commemorative stamps and coins,” all further feeding the annual royalties that Hebrew U. is receiving, upwards of $1.5 million.

If it had been up to Germany in Nazi times, those coins and stamps would be commemorating an Einstein who died in Auschwitz in 1942.

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  1. Germany is in fact giving Israel interests many millions of Euros. It’s not a secret at all that the Israeli navy’s three brand new operational subs [that were reportedly ‘reconfigured’ from the original design for specific Israeli capacities] were given to us for free by Germany.

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