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Relaunch of

Rabbi David Seidenberg has started a new website dedicated to “neo” (read: egalitarian, modern) hasidut. It seeks to share wisdom, create community, and encourage Jews across the globe to bring hasidic practice into their life. Currently available are free MP3 downloads, as well as the option to submit your favorite tunes to the site. This shamir suggests that you all check it out, and check back to see what happens as it grows. a community-based all-access resource to the spiritual wellsprings of Chasidut

  • A Pesach dance nigun for the counting of the Omer from Stoln ~ sung by Reb

  • A story about the miracle of compassion and Rebbe Mordechai of Neshkiz,
    from Yitzhak Buxbaum

  • An old standard for Yedid Nefesh – You probably know this one, but you may
    not have heard it done with Madrigal-like harmony in two voices ~ sung by
    Emilia Cataldo

  • The Skolier Ana BeKhoach as sung by the Berkeley Chevre ~ a rough cut but
    a sweet one

  • The X O phenomenon
  • 8 thoughts on “Relaunch of

    1. Wow! my comments have been Deleted AGAIN!?!?! on Jewschool? Oy Vay – on You!
      My comment is leggit – has added about 5 pages! that is not a “RELAUNCH”!!
      P.s – ShamirPower are you another one of these Jewschool Lubi-lovers?
      Oy! Hashem Yishmor! – amolica yoren ich bin a kind – foon der Lubavitcher Rebbey – obber der ‘heliker’ hassidism bist in-gansten a bander oft gangesters ond shvantes – just as you have proven!

    2. Mobi – Oy! i never thought it would come to this! what is your problem? – I’m actually shocked! for someone so ‘open minded’ too!?
      So mobi – the fact that you add five small articles to any of your sites i don’t see You calling it a Relaunch!
      Is this all because i called you a cypto-lubavitcher?
      So-much for your ‘New School’ -(morelike) Old School Communist Censorship of people you personally have a gripe with.
      Sorry – ShamirPower – I should have known all along is was the Lumobiuvitcher Rebbe –
      I’m not gonna be rude here Mobi – but you’re behavior is teshuverable – i only ask one thing – take a look in a real mirror for a few more seconds than you might do otherwise –

    3. I don’t know whether it’s worth responding to the greatly infinitesmal controversy MaxK feels over how much new content makes something a relaunch.
      As the person who used the term “relaunch”, I can tell you this. As someone who didn’t know a single html code a few months ago and who spent a good few hours figuring out how to redo the site in what I called a relaunch, it felt pretty big to me. I doubt another update will feel anywhere near as big, no matter what changes.
      But MaxK, please call it whatever you like. But more importantly, if you have something good to add to the site, then please send it in. And, forgive me, I would have taken the Columbia Yiddish summer program a few years ago but life crept up on me in unexpected ways, so I can’t translate more than a fraction of what you’ve written in Yiddish. I’d love to know what you said though.
      Reb Duvid

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