14 thoughts on “Right on Target with Kabbalah

  1. Yeah, 26 bucks! echo
    I’m buying rocks for a price higher than ore,
    I’m buying weed for a higher price than gold,
    I’m buying water for a price higher than oil…
    “We must pay to drink our own water,”
    Lamentations/Eicha 5:4

  2. Wow,
    the yarn has traveled all the way to Rachel’s Tomb. So Target is supporting the Israeli occupation of Bethlehem, eh? LOL.

  3. You know, I think a potential market niche is the evil eye itself. In our hostile, cynical, competitive society, I’m sure there are people who would be more than willing to use the power of the evil eye to their own ends. Maybe I’ll write a book on how to give someone the evil eye. Or maybe market evil eye greeting cards, to send to someone as a sign of hostility and ill will (anonymous or not). The possibilities are endless.

  4. aggghh. i can’t believe this!? and target is stupendous, but really, this?
    i agree with the dollar store bit … soon the Dollar Tree will be selling the cheap-o version.

  5. What’s saddest is that Kabbalah has so much wisdom and spirituality to offer. It’s been hijacked and, unfortunately, been given a bad name even within the Jewish community. I’d encourage people to find people who can teach them Kabbalah with honesty and love and without financial incentive. I had that kind of teacher, and studying the subject with him was one of the most enjoyable Jewish experiences I’ve had– especially because he let me learn without trying “lekarev” me.

  6. Whoa, EMTZAlex… so you know how someone can access the power of the Evil Eye? And you’re willing to share (for a price, of course, of course)?
    Bubbeleh, let’s talk! There’s this one guy, see, and I hate this putz so much…

  7. EMTZAlex and Ricky,
    the evil eye is easier to use than you think, by any kosher jew for free.
    The evil eye occurs when a Jew opens his mouth about another Jew, lashon hara, rechilut/gossip, etc… Because the Jew is a sacred creation, he is actually calling the angels/prosecuters and telling them about so and so, whether he’s doing wrong or not. Now, we all now that no one’s perfect, but usually the angels/prosecuters don’t notice us on a day-to-day basis. So when a Jew starts blabbing about another, the are actually calling to attention the angels and the angels start judging the subject of gossip.
    Now before you start going out and using your evil eye, you should also know that talking gossip, lashon hara, and slander actually shortens your life and extends the person you’re talking about (heard about the saying ‘you’ll live a long life’ when someone shows up/calls on the phone when your’re talking about him/her with someone else?)
    The Jew isn’t just an ordinary human. Each and every one of us is a sacred object, yes. with special powers.

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