18 thoughts on “Right-wing Vandals Strike Again

  1. I sympathise with the settlers. I am torn on this issue. But these people who are descrating the graves should be found and punished. I cant comprehend the fact that the IDF is going to fire upon jews and that Jews would fire upon the IDF. I am so torn, so confused. My friends ask me for my opinion all the time and i tell them both sides because thats i feel. Deeply saddened by everything. Jew on Jew crime…..disgusting

  2. Yes, all this is sad but as I explained earlier it is an outgrowth of the Israel’s government’s suppression of freedom and the right to voice your opinion in Israel.
    These things are not at all organized – this is what happens in societies where peoples opinions become illegal.

  3. josh, you’re right. and we also dont know who wrote the graffiti in my high school saying “release the conscientious objectors”

  4. josh,
    how do you know there is a god? and if there is a god, that he has a special relationship with the jewish people? and if he does, how do you know he wants us to live in the shtakhim?
    ultimately, you don’t.

  5. …. but we DO know (from the official government report on Rabin’s murder) that Israel’s secret service mounted an orchestrated campaign to demonize the settlers during Oslo’s heyday, with phony threats, fabricated news stories, vandalism by agents provocateurs, etc.
    We already saw one such example last week: the Shabak tried to smear the Yesha Council by planting an “extremist” who tried to sell them weapons. The Council smelled something funny and outed the whole affair – now for SOME STRANGE REASON the Secret Service has clamped a gag order on any details of this guy, including his identity.
    Get ready for more of this. It’s unfortunate that American Jews will be taken in by it – but I doubt any but the most tightly-wrapped lefties will fall for it this time.

  6. ben-david is discovering the marvels of the shabak. about time. a shame you are turning a blind idea to its acts against palestinians. if it acts in such ways against jews, you can imagine the treatment palestinians get from it in its torture chambers.
    once again the right wing turn out to be the greatest democrats in the world. As neumler said, “and then they came for me” –

  7. Mob,
    that’s an easy one especially if you or anyone else doesn’t believe in G-d, chas v’shalom.
    As a human with many innate rights, I am supposed to be allowed to purchase land ANYWHERE in the world I want, build a home under local building codes, and live there in peace with neighbours who are supposed to respect me in return as a law-abiding human.
    But for some reason, you still seem to imply the justification of the ‘racist’ laws of Jordan and soon to be still-born Arab Palestine, where it will be illegal for a Jew to own any parcel land.
    you’re right. Perhaps they were talking about the plethora of expulsion opponents that have been arrested over the past few weeks for the only reason of being religious and against the expulsion.

  8. Josh I’ll quote Asaf “and then they came for me” …
    It was you and your buddies in Yesha who yelled at Meir Kahane. Who were always worried that Kahane woould make Yesha look extreme. So you your buddies joined in condemning him
    …and now you cry.
    You did it to yourself. Hashem works Middah Kneged Middah- measure for measure.

  9. Welcome to Installment 52,834 of Democracy for Israeli Leftists.
    Asaf wrote:
    Ben-david is discovering the marvels of the shabak… if it acts in such ways against jews, you can imagine the treatment palestinians get from it.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    The obvious difference being that the Shabak doesn’t have to frame the Palestinians – they are being tracked and questioned for things they really do, consistently, in an organized fashion, as a matter of declared policy, leaving real trails of real facts.
    Yes, Asaf – there’s a difference between anti-terror activities that target known, proven terrorists – which is the Shabak’s legitimate purview – and political smear campaigns against law-abiding citizens – which is undiluted Bolshevism.

  10. “Rabin” (the leader these same traitors, who want Israel destroyed as bloodily as possible, murdered in cold blood) “the murderer” is perfectly consistent with their logic, as in their “self-defensive” actions predicated on aggressive and illegal occupation.
    Please keep in mind if you respond to this comment that, if you do respond, aren’t we really responding to you?
    Perhaps you are the ones who are the real mutants.

  11. thanks yisahi, for proving my point, that there is no shortage of right wingers who’d be more than happy to desecrate these peoples graves in such a manner, while they go to say tehillim by baruch goldstein’s graveside.

  12. $25 bet that it was an agent provocateur who did it — trying to get bad media coverage on the settlers.

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