Round up?

Tip of the hat to Jeremy Burton on jspot for his latest post “First Comes The War on Immigrants“:

    Federal officials rounded up almost 1200 workers in 26 states along with seven managers at IFCO Systems North America. As of last night, 275 workers had already been deported to Mexico.
    Why now? Well, Only a month ago some immigrant rights advocates were saying that the effort by Republicans – particularly in the House of Representatives – to criminalize undocumented immigrants was unrealistic hyperbole. There was no way that we could actually have a national project to deport 11 million hard working individuals, right?
    Apparently Michael Chertoff and his minions at the Department of Homeland Security do believe that the U.S. can do just this – or at least they want us to think so. This roundup is intended as a message to all undocumented immigrants. It is designed to scare them, to tell them to stay under the radar and off the grid. It is meant to silence their protests and undermine their efforts to gain legal status and the opportunity to pursue happiness. It’s also designed to prop up the jingoists and fear-mongers who are running this debate from the right, telling them they’ve got the U.S. Government at their back, regardless of any noise from the White House about a so-called compromise that would allow “guest workers” while perpetuating the 2nd teir status of these workers and denying them the hope of the American dream.

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5 thoughts on “Round up?

  1. Michael Chertoff is the son of an Orthodox Rabbi. I’m sure he knows all about éÈãÉòÇ úÌÅãÇò ëÌÄé-âÅø éÄäÀéÆä æÇøÀòÂêÈ áÌÀàÆøÆõ ìÉà ìÈäÆí

  2. Apparently, substantial numbers of ordinary Americans believe that the embrace of a policy calling for the deportation of some 11 million undocumented immigrants is some kind of bluff or masturbatory pipe dream of the hard-core Republican Right. Alas, their naiveté is dangerous and misplaced.
    The criminalization of unlawful immigration represents the perfect opportunity to implement the full apparatus of the police state the government has only hinted at with such incipient efforts as the Patriot Act, secret rendition, indefinite detention, and Guantanamo Bay. The fundamental methodology of building any effective police state is to diminish the legal status of entire classes of people to that of virtual non-persons, placing them beyond the protection of the law, and subjecting them to brutal and arbitrary enforcement, including chronic economic exploitation, deportation and imprisonment.
    Moreover, the timing of such a policy could hardly be more ideal, just when the public may be not only experiencing a certain weariness with our government’s interminable wars on drugs, crime, and child pornography, but when – God forbid – a certain element is even contemplating a declaration of victory in the holy and perpetual war on terror. The spectacular infusion of cash and other resources to the prison-industrial complex following the transformation of 11 million unlawful residents into overnight felons is mind-boggling. Beyond the explosion in jobs for cops, prosecutors, judges, probation officers, guards, and innumerable other enforcement and administrative personnel, there are the countless billions to be had from prison construction contracts, inmate labor, civil forfeiture and criminal confiscation, political patronage, Halliburton-style corporate welfare, and regulatory schemes and bureaucratic agencies of every stripe imaginable.
    No, this policy is no bluff, but the greatest potential expansion of the Republican police state since the White House first grasped the possibilities of subverting the Constitution on September 11th, 2001.

  3. Gee, FM, thanks for the fresh perspective, for opening my eyes to a whole new way of seeing the issue! Kind of makes me want to grunt out a verse of “God Bless America,” break open a new box of crayons, and scrawl a letter asking how the great and humane man of letters, Meir Kahane, would have handled the matter.

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