RSS redirection

The switchover is complete.  A slight change in expected behavior: the old feed automatically redirects to the new one.  So if you’re subscribed to the old feed, you’re going to keep getting updates for the next 30 days, rather than what we had originally written about a placeholder article.  Please change your RSS subscription to point to: http://jewschool.com/feed, because after 30 days, the old one won’t redirect anymore, it’ll just stop working.
Thanks a lot!

4 thoughts on “RSS redirection

  1. Still not working for me. Here’s what appeared in my RSS reader (Google Reader) this morning:
    by BZ
    ?»? Razor V3 Mobile Phone Problems Deleting Ringtones Free Ring Tone Ringtones .mid Ringtone Nokia .nrt Ringtone 2310 Ringtone Composer 24 Ringtone Download 24 Ringtone For Sony Ericsson 24 Ringtone Ring Tone 24 3ga Ringtone Download Whistle Taxi! Ringtone A Team Ringtone Rapidshare A-team Ringtone Rapidshare Adding Ringtones To Sidekick Lx Adult Hindi Ringtones Agency Ringtone Download Agency Ringtone Download Nokia Airtel Whistle Ringtone Download Alex Kidd Ringtone […]

  2. Ditto — I’m mostly just getting headlines and bylines with no body, and also the gibberish above for the “Strength & Dignity” article.

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