Sabeel holds “Challenging Christian Zionism” Conference in Jerusalem

Over 600 Christian bible scholars, religious leaders and peace activists representing 32 countries, gathered in Jerusalem’s Notre Dame Center April 14-18 for The Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center‘s conference, “Challenging Christian Zionism: Theology, Politics, and the Palestine-Israel Conflict.”


The conference theme of Christian Zionism addressed a worldwide theological and political movement that embraces extreme ideological positions based on selected scriptural texts and which, according to conference presenters, form a worldview that is detrimental to a just peace in the Holy Land.

Read on or click here to read the conference’s final statement.

5 thoughts on “Sabeel holds “Challenging Christian Zionism” Conference in Jerusalem

  1. Good for them. I recall many exhausting discussions where I have argued that Christians really have no authority to present themselves as anything more than Zionist sympathisers. And to present themselves as Zionists was disingenuous and amounted to attempts at coopting Jewish national liberation and corrupting the movement as a whole.

  2. note these g-d fearing anti zionists call for the destruction of the jewish state, from their final statement: “the ideal and best solution has always been to envisage ultimately a bi-national state in Palestine-Israel where people are free and equal, living under a constitutional democracy that protects and guarantees all their rights, responsibilities, and duties without racism or discrimination – one state for two nations and three religions.” note theres no call for saudi arabia to revoke its ban on non muslim holy places, or a criticism of jordan, which bans jewish citizens. only israel, the one democracy where israeli arabs have more rights than any muslim in any arab state is critiqued. aint antisemetism grand….

  3. and zionista, usually on the correct side of issues, is wrong this time: there is nothing wrong with christians understanding that zionsism is a national liberation movement several thousand years old, and supporting it both on moral and biblical grounds, theres nothing corrupting me when i accept their support.

  4. Avi, extremely good point. The left-wing Christians who drew up this document seem to live in abject fear of every criticising Muslims. These people will spend hours slamming Israel, while at the same time coming up with excuses for Islamist terrorism and national oppression.
    Never mind the fact that the extremists they seem so keen on molly-coddling, will come for em’ next after they wipe Jews off the face of the earth.
    I am a Pagan (well ok Deist) zionist on moral grounds.

  5. I disagree, Avi.
    Christianity has no national construct, built entirely on a misreading of Jewish redemption theology. As such, Christianity has an entirely religious agenda remaining at odds not only with Jewish national liberation, but Jewish religious tradition as well. Therefore, “Christian Zionist” is an oxymoron at best, and an insult at least, and deserves to be treated as such.

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