sacred perception

so i wrote this cover story for jewsweek about the uja yanking their interview with rushkoff just after it went online… and when i got to work today i found a voicemail from jason gitlin, their webmaster or whatever, who conducted the interview and whom i know loosely through the uja’s web users group (which i sat on the steering committee of for a brief while). he was displeased that i hadn’t contacted him about the story, for whatever reason he assumed made sense, and asked the in the future i contact him if such an issue arises. frankly i’d forgotten i knew anyone there, specifically in the web department. not like it would’ve helped, “gee, do you have a quote? oh, i have to talk to your marketing and communications director? oh, she has no idea why it got yanked? oh i’ll get a call back about it later? oh, i missed my deadline?” fuck that.

that being said, it appears that the uja has now reposted the article to their front page. gotta love the p.r. recovery tactics.

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