18 thoughts on “Yid Rock, Jewpac, Rockin’ the Hebe Hop

  1. If Jews weren’t meant to rap, then how do you explain the careers of The Beastie Boys, MC Serch of 3rd Bass, Blood of Abraham, Non Phixion, Necro, Aesop Rock, Remedy Ross and Regenerated Headpiece? 50 Shekel is on some stupid gimmick shit. Don’t confuse him w/ real emcees.

  2. From the website, 50 Shekel sounds like another so-so Jewish self-hate comedy shtick. On the other hand, the Hip Hop Hoodios have been around for a while, and do very exciting, very Jewish, in your face hip hop. http://www.hoodios.com/
    And, hey, if I’m wrong and there is something to write about here, you’ll read about it on the Klezmershack soon ;-).

  3. wait, if 50 cent is pronounced “fitty cen”, then shouldn’t 50 shekel br pronounced “fitty shek”?
    and do i dare remind everyone of adam sandler’s illustrious music career? 😛

  4. but please, this guy can’t rap. he name checks 2 Live Jews and hey, they were just a spoof. This guy has one big ego and reckons he is a film director, actor, fashion designer and so on.
    Mr Cohen, for that is his name, you are a prick.

  5. no, no, no. this guy is not rap, he is a sad little Israeli who came to the US when he was 2. Now he thinks he can rap. He name checks 2 Live Jews as inspiration. Sadly, 2 Live Jews were just ironic trash, which Mr Shekel aka Mr Cohen doesn’t quite realise.
    No wonder Jews can’t get record deals when you’ve got feeble Jews trying to make music.
    Please come back Barry Manilow…

  6. Isn’t it obvious that this guy is just doing a Weird Al style parody and isn’t really trying to make it as a real rapper?
    The whole thing is a joke.

  7. Sadly, it sounds like a joke, but this guy is actually quite serious. if you look at his web site, you’ll see he claims to be an actor, director, film star, and possibly a porn star (but looking at him, the only star he is is a dick star).

  8. Why do you all care so much! He is probably a guy just trying to have fun. Every person who auctually took the time out of their day to write a nasty comment…get a life.!

  9. What 50 shek wants to do i just bring a joy to the jewish community.
    HE IS NOT TRYING TO MAKE IT BIG- he just wants to share a word
    He isnt claiming to be a GREAT EMCEE
    or that he has something OF VITAL IMPORTANCE
    just he wants to bring his heart into the place- and YOU ALL ARE ACTUALLY SPEAKING AGAINST A FELLOW JEW
    to a jew, say something good- or dont say anything at all

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