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Sagol Keeps It Current

ðé÷åé øàù or Brain Cleanser was a popular satirical Israeli television show in the 1970s which poked fun at current events through highly politicized sketch comedy that honored no sacred cows. In April 2004, Israel’s Channel 1 held a televised tribute event, inviting the original cast and crew of Brain Cleanser to appear and reminisce about old times. In addition, the station asked Sagol 59 and DJ Caress to revamp the show’s theme song, catching up on the last 30 years between the show’s airing and the current era, hence the song’s title, “Current Affairs.”
The original chorus, sung by famed Israeli entertainer Tuvia Tzafir, translates as: “In the current state of affairs / when nothing is going right / the only thing one needs / is to keep your mind clean.”

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