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YU better YU bet

The annual Yeshiva University book sale opens… RIGHT NOW!  If you live in NYC or within 100 miles of it, you have no excuse for missing it.  I go several times a year, and I’m as far from the YU type as it gets.  You’ll find Hebrew books there that are often hard to find in the US, and at low low prices.  Even if you don’t buy anything, the selection is so vast that you can spend a whole evening browsing.  The sale runs through February 26, and here is the calendar of when it’s open.

2 thoughts on “YU better YU bet

  1. ha. “as far from yu as it gets”
    did you mean ideologically or geographically, BZ? cause i happen to know where you live and i think there are a few places farther from YU…
    wanna go together?

  2. I meant sociologically. Geographically, you got me, and ideologically, um, I like Torah and I like mada (though I have a different understanding of what those are). And let’s go!

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